My Hair Care Routine | Beauty

Here are the 5 products and steps on how I use my hair products for them to make a magical difference to my hair… Firstly, I don’t believe in new products coming out every day and trying something new ( trial error) on my hair. Even though people say to change up your hair routine every now and then, I tend to stick to products that I’ve noticed works best for my hair and never… View Post

Your Spring Fashion & Beauty Guide

“This Spring, Buy Less. Choose Well” First things first, shooting for this blog post in a 41 degrees sand storm was NOT fun. But then again, you gotta do it for the content! I actually have no idea how these pictures turned out so good, I’m so glad they did though! Getting to the main point of this blog post, Spring time essentials and must haves. I’m someone who LOVES mentally preparing for seasons (what… View Post

All Suited Up | Sandro Paris

Sandro Paris… I honestly never thought I could pull off a suit and definitely not a mint-green one but this particular one from Sandro surprised me. The fitting is just perfect and I didn’t even have to get it tailored or anything. I absolutely love the double breasted feels the suit has – again, something I never thought would suit me. I think I’m in love with anything Sandro, their pieces are so unique and… View Post