First ever 3D gummies at Candylicious


Candylicious, one of the world’s largest candy stores, has launched exciting 3D printed gummy candy crafted on the spot in an array of flavours, shapes and customisations through its Magic Candy Factory concept in the UAE. We got to experience the complete Magic Candy Factory fun! We got our very own customized gummies prepared by the 3D printing technology which allows you to customize your candy like never before (as you can see in the photos below) & what we really liked was the fact that we were able to see the gummies being made right in front of us, which was a pretty interesting and unique concept.

Situated next to the gourmet chocolate section in Candylicious’s Dubai Mall branch, the Magic Candy Factory brings sweet dreams to life through state of the art 3D printing technology powered by 100% vegan, halal, non-GMO, dairy and nut-free allnatural ingredients. With an initial launch price of AED 50, and regular price AED 65 per delicious concoction, the Magic Candy Factory unveils 20 fun designs that can be customised with names, a candy greeting card and other personal details.  And the gummy candy is made – and ready to be eaten – in under ten minutes, unlike conventionally produced gummy candy that needs three days to set.

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