800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, DPR | Restaurant Review

800 Degrees Neapolitan pizza

has unique attributes that set it apart from the mainstream. It’s a thin crust, made with just flour, salt, water and wild yeast. Traditionally the sauce is simply crushed tomatoes, although we add a few more goodies to ours. All pies are topped with fresh mozzarella and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil. The completed pies are baked in a wood-burning oven and cook in about one minute. Coming hot from the ovens, the crust is characteristically soft and chewy, and with a little bit of char from the intense heat. In Naples, pizza is always eaten with a knife and fork, but we’re happy to slice it for you!

Where:  Riverland, Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Cuisine: Italian

Perfect for: A dine-in option during your visit to Dubai Parks and Resorts

Our Order

– Burrata with Cherry Tomatoes + Pesto   AED 34
– Ricotta Cheese Bread   AED 28
– Calamari

– Margherita   AED 36
– Penne Pasta with Pesto & Cream (with chicken and shrimp)   AED 62

– Orange Juice   AED 12
– Lemonade   AED 12

Service:  Sweet staff, that were knowledgeable about the restaurants’ dishes, and its background.

What we loved: Every dish was full of flavor, and arrived perfectly on time. Unlike the other branch we visited, we would actually say we loved the food here. It’s almost like a whole other restaurant even in terms of taste. We started off with the Burrata and Cherry Tomatoes, it goes so well with the Pesto sauce, I would really recommend getting the larger portion of it. We made a mistake ordering the smaller one, but it was only because we weren’t too sure if we would like it, but we ended up finishing even the last bit of pesto sauce that was on the plate, that’s how good it was! The Ricotta Cheese Bread was also a really delicious dish, super fresh bread, with flavorsome ingredients and it should be eaten hot, that’s when it tastes really good. Our next starter was our standard order, Calamari! We enjoyed it here, but once it gets cold it’s just annoying to eat as it gets a bit soggy. The quantity of each dish is quite sufficient. We were really happy with everything. The Margherita pizza was very fresh and full of taste, the chef did a really good job with something so simple as that. Our last main, which was the Penne Pasta, we chose to add both shrimp and chicken to it, and it actually did taste really good. Although we got super full eating, that we didn’t have room for dessert, though, the Nutella Pizza looked really good on the menu, will definitely try it out next time!

What we didn’t like as much:  Nothing we really didn’t like, other than the servers were a bit too nice so they keep coming to check on you haha!

What we recommend:

  • Try everything on the menu, as it will surprise you.

Ambiance: Decent amount of crowd on a weekend evening, this branch just opened at Dubai Parks and Resorts. A lot of families dining in on weekends especially but it’s not too hard to get a table.


#TSDreviews800Degrees: 3.7 / 5