Arcancil Paris’ MAT HYSTERIA


Arcancil Paris, makeup expert since 1935 has come out with a something new, ”MAT HYSTERIA” to give your lips a smooth, matte finish with their intense lip colors. By launching it’s first 100% matte liquid lipstick MAT HYSTERIA, lasting up to 12 hours, Arcancil Paris is bringing a true revolution on your lips. I always find myself buying matte liquid lipsticks but they aren’t even 100% matte and wears off in about 6 hours even though the brand promises it’ll last for longer hours, this really baffles me. However, when I tried out these lip creams from Arcancil Paris, I have to say I was impressed and more than anything, I was satisfied! I’m also quite content with the colors they sent me except for the coral ish one, none of us have tried it yet however, I’m a bit skeptical about this specific shade because I feel like it won’t suit me that well. The liquid lipsticks are indeed 100% matte & stays put for 12hrs as promised. Most matte lipsticks/lipcreams eventually make your lips more dry although, these lip creams have a formula that combines intense pigments and avocado oil – known for its moisturizing properties – Arcancil Paris’ MAT HYSTERIA, a matte formula that makes your lips supple and soft instead of giving it a clumpy/glued feeling.


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