Kebab & Biryani Festival at Asha’s | Restaurant Review


Asha’s at Wafi offers a modern contemporary interior,

creating a warm soothing and intimate setting this award wining restaurant was the first to open in the wold’s only international Indian restaurant chain. Asha’s at Wafi present a selection of 10 new unique and creative Biryani and Kebab dishes showcasing recipes perfected by Asha in her personal kitchen in Bombay. Asha’s menu reflects the very best of Indian cuisine and promises a truly memorable dining experience. “Asha is known to millions around the world as a golden voice. But she’s also a very accomplished celebrity chef whose tempting recipes have been pampering guests at Asha’s in WAFI Mall for over 12 years. And now, Asha’s is giving their guests a chance to have high tea with the global icon herself on the occasion of her birthday. Diners will be added to a lucky draw, with the winners chosen and announced on Monday, 17th October 2016.

Where: Asha’s, Wafi

Cuisine: Indian

Perfect for: Indian lunch in between work

Our Order:

Asha’s Kebab & Biryani Festival set menu

  • Bhatti Ka Chaap
  • Jheenga Jalpari
  • Kofta Kham Khatai
  • Chicken Kabab
  • Prawn Biryani
  • Ras Malai

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Service: Helpful. Super sweet staff.

What we loved: The portions were more than filling for 2 people. A very good set menu, it consists of a lot of chicken and prawn dishes (something we love). Almost every dish was full of flavor & each dish was better than the previous, it just kept getting better. The Bhatti Ka Chaap which was the starter was a chicken dish. It presented to us in steaming smoke and as soon as the smoke disappears you see 4 juicy portions of boneless chicken. They were marinated in very delicious spices and other mixes. It was our favorite starter dish on the table and was full of flavor and taste. Another great starter was the Jheenga Jalpari which is a combination of king prawns, mashed potatoes & cheese breaded and fried. It was definitely a bit too unhealthy as it was deep fried but nonetheless, it was full of taste and the amount of prawns inside were more than satisfying. For the mains, we chose to go with the prawn biryani, another dish that was full of the right flavors, you just couldn’t stop eating the biryani rice. The quantity of prawns in the biryani was quite sufficient too. Additionally the presentation of every dish was pretty creative and decent.

What we didn’t like as much: There was only one vegetarian dish, Kofta Kham Khatai on the set menu, it was extremely hard to cut & we just didn’t enjoy the taste. Also, the sweet lassi we ordered was just not right, the whole taste was awful.

Ambiance: Lively during lunch hours. The restaurant was half occupied while we were there.

More on Asha’s…

India’s Pride, the unparalleled Biryanis and Kebabs menu will be available in Asha’s at Wafi through out August till 31st October 2016. A grand indulge not to be missed indeed! All patrons dining at Asha’s restaurant in WAFI MALL from 1st September to 15th October 2016 will receive a signed limited edition photograph and an exclusive opportunity to enjoy high tea for two with international songstress superstar and celebrity chef Asha Bhosle.

#TSDreviewsAshas: 3.7/5