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Bay Yoga…

which is located in Business Bay’s Grosvenor Business Tower, very accessible and convenient for anyone coming from any area. It is predominately known for practicing “Bikram Yoga” but other than that, they do offer various different kinds of yogas (for all ages). I’ve attended only about 4 different yoga classes and I am already obsessed with Bay Yoga. The classes surely do start a bit too early on weekends but trust me, it’s worth it. Once you’re done with the 45 min class you feel completely relieved & energized, this is my absolute favorite part, just the relaxed feeling you get from within! I’d definitely recommend everyone to try out Bay Yoga, I’m sure you’re going to love it especially because it’s a major stress buster. It certainly does get a little intense towards the end of the class but like I said, it’s worth it. Over time, it’s only going to improve your flexibility, focus, tone your body and of course, release stress, which makes all the effort completely beneficial. I think the only downfall this place has is that it’s a bit small and congested it can get a little annoying on crowded days because you keep bumping into people in the hallway. Do check out their varied packages on:

 Hatha Yoga…

is the least intense yoga class, so if it’s your first time experiencing yoga, I’d suggest you start with Hatha. We practiced a set sequence of quite a few postures for an hour. The instructor Robin, was quite pleasant and helpful. He ends the class by turning off the lights and asking everyone to relax their minds and bodies, which leaves you super relieved.

Hot Vinyasa…

After our first ever (Hatha) yoga session, we actually saw people come out of the hot vinyasa room after they were done and we were in double mind about whether or not we should try it out. It seemed extremely intense, they were dripping in sweat! No joke. However, Anjana (the founder & CEO of BayYoga) suggested that we should certainly try it out and so we did. What happens is, you practice yoga in a room set to the temperature of 40˚C (don’t worry, it’s not that bad). Hot Vinyasa is fundamentally a balanced combination of postures and breathing methods. Consistent practice slowly but surely increases muscle strength, endurance and flexibility and also brings down stress levels.

Bikram yoga…

There are a total of 26 postures in the whole routine like the alphabets and the whole cycle ensures a complete body work-out even while helping to concentrate and focus on our mental strength too.

Additional Info…

Hatha Yoga: Monday to Wednesday at 5:00pm

Bikram Yoga: Everyday at 10:00am, 4:00pm, & 6:00pm

Hot Vinyasa: Friday at 9:00 pm

Power Yoga: Sunday at 5:00pm

Pilates: Friday at 10:00am

*Bay Yoga also has ”kids yoga” coming up soon.





Photos by: Bay Yoga

Contact: 04 255 960