Be Bar Blow Dry Bar | Home Service Review

be bar blow dry bar
Located in Jumeriah 3, Be Bar Blow Dry Bar

is a chic salon that offers various different services and have the cutest team ever. At Be Bar, they believe that “being who you are is the secret to lasting beauty. it all starts with confidence – the one quality most central to a woman’s beauty, and it radiates from within. One of life’s little luxuries is taking time to care for ourselves. we feel vibrant and beautiful, which is more important than looking beautiful – though we say they go hand-in-hand. who can deny the happy grins and feel-good factor of having a great hair day? That beauty high from playing with our looks to reflect our moods; it adds a spring in our step and casts a gorgeous glow.”

We recently called them over to style us for a shoot.

You might have seen it all on snapchat! (a very exciting you’ll soon find out about) We’re so glad to have discovered Be Bar just in time for our shoot as they offer home services which is exactly what you need in the midst of a shoot, no one has the time to go down to a salon and get their hair done and it’ll probably get flat half way through the shoot. We had Andrea, who is the co-founder & creative director of the salon along with their head stylist, Rica come down to the hotel for us. Andrea was sweet enough to come down herself and style our hair even though she had a pretty busy schedule. Rica stayed with us the entire shoot, for different hairstyles + touch-ups. We absolutely loved her company, she was so lively and sweet, she was chatting about the entire time and didn’t let anyone feel bored or awkward. She was always thoughtful about each and every one of us while shooting. She had her hairspray and comb ready for any kinds of touch-ups at all times and what we really appreciated was how adapting they were to our changing requests along with being extremely kind and professional.

We all three went for different hairstyles.

I went first went for a sleek straight hair look and then transitioned into voluminous curls, Pooja went for waves and then curls, whereas, Rithika went for super tight curls with a braid on the side. Andrea started with blow drying my hair and then straightening it with a flat iron. I was super pleased with my second style that Rica had done for me. She gave me a crazy amount of volume and exactly the curls that I wanted. Although, Rithika was not quite satisfied with her first look as it was a bit too flat in the front. When they added the braid, the style somehow looked way better. Pooja went with waves with a center parting for her first look, which came out very well, she was quite content with Rica’s work for the first and second look.  We’d definitely recommend Be Bar! ✓

*Makeup by Ayesha F


Monday – Thursday: 8am – 8pm
Friday – Saturday: 9am – 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 7pm
Walk–Ins are welcome

Contact: 04 321 2348