Does the Benefit BADgal mascara really work?

"Voluptous, Volumious, Beyond-black lashes"

As you know...

Benefit Cosmetics recently launched another new fire product, the all new "BAGgal Lash Volumizing Mascara." It always had galactic theme to it, from the packaging to the launch party - the reason behind it being that your lashes can be visible all the way from space. And, YES the mascara does really work! The wand is thin so that makes it easy to really get into those tiny lashes at the front. This works for people with scanty eye lashes too, which I love. However, you do need to curl your lashes for better results. It's just like any other amazing eye product by benefit cosmetics - it does exactly what they promise. As you add more coats, it gets even thicker and volumized (they might get a bit clumpy though so you need to be careful and know when to stop). It really just opens your eyes up which is exactly what you need a mascara to do!

Available at all Sephora Middle East Stores...

  • I need to go to Sephora and check it out because I hear everyone talking about it

  • Agustina Torti

    I’m a huge mascara fan, it’s something I never skip whenever I do my makeup. I have really long lashes but I love to have a full doll look with my lashes! I have to try it ♥️

    Agus (

  • Angeli Jones

    Ah yes thank you for this post! I was actually thinking of changing up my mascara!!