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The Brass…

Open from morning to night, The Brass is here for your early morning coffee-on-the go – sunny, fresh and brimming with energy.  As the sun drops low, its time for a mellow unwind and late evening conversations. Their music becomes smoother, their lights dim – and the space just feels like home.

Cuisine: International

Where: The Brass, Citywalk Phase 2

Perfect for: an afternoon break, a little work-away

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Service: The staff was a little confused but sweet.

What we loved: The Brass Croque Monsieur was delicious and super filling, the turkey was well done, the sauce(s) and cheese was all put together very well. Definitely recommend it. From the salad, we tried ‘The Moroccan” you can either pick lamb or chicken, we chose to go with chicken. I really loved this salad, it was something different and it’s ideal for light summer lunches. Lastly, the Moroccan spiced pulled lamb flatbread, which is one of my favorite flat breads so far – bursting with flavor and extra mint-rosewater yoghurt.

What we didn’t like as much: We really didn’t appreciate how the dessert was brought to the table while we still having our mains. Wish they had more options.

Ambiance: Absolutely LOVE the interior at brass, so chic and well done, love the quotes on every wall here and there. Overall, a very comfortable place to be at.

Contact: 04 385 6971


#TSDreviewsTheBrass: 3.5/5