Bridgewater Tavern | Restaurant Review

Boasting epic canal side views, the JW Marriott Marquis’

has a new sprawling sports bar and live music venue with the biggest TV screens in the city and two levels of ultimate party bar to explore. Casual and unpretentious in style, Bridgewater Tavern will appeal to city merrymakers and sports fans with a moreish menu, range of craft beers, outdoor terrace and late bar upstairs.

Where:  Bridgewater Tavern, JW Marriott Marquis, Business Bay

Cuisine: International

Perfect for: A good meal in a Sports Bar

Service: Good service, as long as its not too crowded. Some of the staff were extremeley sweet!

What we loved: We loved how every dish was very large in size, it’s more than enough for even 2 people. The calamari was very delicious, especially the sauce it comes with. The Boneless chicken wings were the best though. They ask us what sauces we would prefer, we chose to go with all of them and trust us when we say you have to try it with every sauce! It’s mouth watering! Additionally, the black wasabi prawns are just amazing, it’s full of flavor and it’s way tastier than it looks! The Black Truffle Mac and Cheese is super filling, so if you are a cheese fan, you will definitely like this dish as its full of it! As we were a bit too full from all the above, we couldn’t try out their desserts, but we’re definitely going to make sure to come back, to try it!

What we didn’t like as much: It started off pretty well, but as they got crowded, it was difficult to get hold of even one staff and were very confused when it came to the bill, which was a bit unprofessional too – as we were not charged properly. Additionally, the BWT Nachos were a bit too messy, it was super hard to eat it without getting your hands messy. The guacamole could be nicely placed on the side perhaps with the nachos not mixed in too many ingredients. Wish the service matched up the food, as the food was excellent, but the staff not as much as they were not organized and well coordinated!

What we recommend:

  • Boneless chicken wings
  • Black wasabi prawns
  • The Black Truffle Mac and Cheese


#TSDreviewsBridgewaterTavern: 3.5/5