The Brunch at A La Turca, Rixos The Palm | Restaurant Review

The resort's main restaurant À La Turca

presents an open buffet concept that serves a variety of international cuisines including the authentic Turkish cuisine with delicacies such as grills, kebabs, and mezes from Eastern Anatolia, the Aegean and the Black Sea regions. Enjoy a wide range of beverages and cocktails served either in the air-conditioned comfort indoors or on the adjacent shaded terrace. Sit back, relax, and indulge in a Friday brunch with a vast selection of beverages, live cooking stations, and an extended buffet.

Where: A La Turca, Rixos The Palm

Cuisine: Turkish, International

Perfect for: Enjoying an authentic Turkish brunch with your family

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Our experience at A La Turca...

Service: Excellent, very attentive and pleasant. There was always some when needed!

What we loved: This might have been one of the best buffet style brunches we've been to. We usually don't appreciate buffet style brunches as the food just looks stale and unappealing but oh my god, A La Turca really out did all the buffet brunches. It was very well organized, the food looked fresh, and of course tasted amazing. There wasn't a dish we disliked. The cold starters were just fantastic, in terms of selection and taste. If you choose to visit A La Turca for their Friday brunch make sure to taste their prawns  (with the sauce) from their "cold" section, they are SO DELICIOUS and fresh. They had a selection of different kinds of sushi as well, veg, seafood, and chicken. I also loved how A La Turca had some great options for vegetarians. They had a chef who was cooking live for guests, it was quite interesting to watch. For the mains, we had some very well made grilled chicken, truffle pizza (made especially for us by the chef) and lobster. The dessert section was just beautifully organized, it was so appealing. We wanted to try almost everything but it was way too much. They had so much to offer, chocolate, cheesecake, macaroons, you name it, they have it! What we really loved and enjoyed about this place is that you can really just sit back and relax with some fresh mocktails/cocktails. Especially with this weather, it's so enjoyable to be seated in their outdoor terrace area (which has umbrella's by the way). We would definitely recommend A La Turca's Friday brunch.

What we didn't like as much: Absolutely nothing we disliked about this brunch.

What we recommend:

  • Prawns
  • Shrimp sushi
  • Macaroons
  • Any mocktail/cocktail

Ambiance: Fairly crowded (mostly with families and kids). The terrace area was definitely more occupied. 

The Brunch – every Friday from 1pm- 4 pm. You can indulge in a selection of international delicacies alongside a refreshing choice of beverages in the A La Turca Restaurant.

  • 'The Driver' includes a buffet as well as tea, coffee and soft beverages at AED 275 per person
  • 'The Passenger' includes all of the above in addition to house wines, sparkling wines, beers and spirits at AED 400 per person
  • 'I Have a Driver' includes everything listed above plus a premium, free flowing champagne at AED 500 per person

#TSDreviewsALaTurca: 4.5/5