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Photo by: Burger&Lobster

Photo by: Burger&Lobster

Burger & Lobster….

was brought to DIFC in 2011 with the concept of burgers and lobsters. “We know burgers and we know lobsters” is what they say hence, they only serve burger and lobsters at their restaurant. Burger & Lobster connects people from various cultures and backgrounds while always creating a good energy.

Where: Burger&Lobster, Burj Daman Building, DIFC

Perfect for: Burgers and Lobsters (The name says it all)

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Service: Helpful. Our server explained the whole Burger and Lobster concept quiet well.

What we loved: The lobster rolls were out of this world, I don’t think I’ve tasted better lobster. I mean obviously if the restaurant only serves “Burgers and Lobsters” )like their name which I actually didn’t know before visiting, and since everyone has been talking about it since a while now) they must be cooking some really good Lobsters. The lobster was cut into small pieces, steamed, cooked, dressed in Japanese mayonnaise and stuffed into the roll, its just the perfect roll you want to eat. Love the fact that they serve a tiny bucket of fries with every meal and also most importantly love the QUANTITY of food! Another thing we really appreciate is how they give you the option of “steamed” or “grilled” which is very rare in restaurants, because they usually have a standard type. The drinks are quite refreshing, something you need in this heat. Absolutely loved the lemon cheesecake, it was just the right amount of flavor and consistency.

What we didn’t love as much: They only have a beef option for the Burger which is very disappointing when you don’t eat beef! We expected them to at least have a chicken if not a vegetarian option ! That being said, the lobster by itself wasn’t the easiest to eat especially when you are very hungry and just want to get the food into your belly. The concept of only Burgers and Lobsters may not work for everyone all the time.  They could definitely work on their desserts, and perhaps add a chocolate option in their menu.


#TSDreviewsBurgerandLobster: 3.5/5

Contact: contact@burgerandlobsterdubai.com