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for Eats, Drinks or Play. Downtown Dubai, the heart of the city, welcomes a fresh and unique concept on its streets; Downtown Toko Restaurant, Garden & Lounge located at Vida Hotel, is set to become the hub for laid back get-togethers and friendly gatherings! Officially opening its doors in October after being fully refitted with a brand-new interior and décor, this cheerful space is just what the Dubai casual dining scene needs. The famous outdoor garden, a relaxed, laid back atmosphere with lush greenery, beautiful outdoor chairs and comfy sofas will ooze cool, swanky vibes for the perfect weekend hangout. 

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Where: Toko, Vida Downtown Dubai

Cuisine: Chinese, Japanese

Perfect for: A relaxed meal in between work

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Service: Our sever was super sweet & very accommodating.

What we loved: EVERYTHING! From the vibes to the seating to the food, everything was just on point. By far one of the best business lunches we've been too. The pricing of all the courses are very decent and so is the selection of dishes. Not too much, not too less. We started off with two portions of edamame, salted & chili. We went for the "3 Course" which consists of 2 Small + 1 Large + 1 Dessert. Almost every dish was delicious! The duck taco was pretty nice, very filling. We went for a bunch of different dumplings, it was one better than the other. It's safe to say that Toko has the best dumplings ever, they're made so well and taste even better. Moving to the large plates, the Grilled Salmon, Chicken Cashew, and Asian Mushroom Noodles along with a plate of the California Roll. At first, I thought the quantity was a bit too less but as the dishes arrived, the quantity got better. For example, the plate of California Rolls had about 6 pieces, which is quite sufficient compared to other places. These rolls tasted like heaven, by the way! The Grilled Salmon and Chicken Cashew were equally good, it comes with a side of plain rice which goes very well with it. The Salmon was made to perfection, so tender and mouthwatering. Not to forget, Toko also has the best kind of noodles, like the Asian mushroom noodles, it was honestly so appetizing, we totally enjoyed it. For the desserts, they only had assorted Mochi ice cream, we went for different flavors.

What we didn’t like as much: Nothing much we disliked, although, I wish they had a better/wider selection for desserts.

What we recommend:

  • Every dumpling on the menu!
  • Asian Mushroom Noodles
  • Grilled Salmon
  • Chicken Cashew

Ambiance: Excellent! It's not very occupied but the outdoor seating is beautiful and so relaxing (I'm sure you can tell from the pictures), you never want to leave this place! If you're planning on visiting Toko for their business lunch, make sure to be seated outside, you'll totally enjoy it especially with this beautiful weather.


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Downtown Toko Restaurant, Garden & Lounge, located at Vida Downtown Dubai, is a social and relaxed space, acting as a hub for millennials and the young at heart, and building an impressive reputation as a buzzing hotspot catering to Dubai’s burgeoning casual dining scene. CHINESE NEW YEAR: 26th, 27th & 28th January. From 7pm / 195AED (Three-course menu, with drinks to order). ALL YOU CAN EAT DIM SUM: Every Tuesday 7pm-10pm / 195AED (Includes three Chang Beers). HAPPY HOUR: Every weekday / 5:30pm-7:30pm. THE GARDEN BRUNCH: Every Friday 12.00pm-4.00pm / Soft Package 190AED, House Sparkling Package 325AED. THE GRAPE ESCAPE FOR LADIES: Every Wednesday / 7pm-10pm. 


#TSDreviewsTokoDowntown: 4 / 5

Contact: +971 (0) 4442 8383