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Catch the Freshest Saturday Brunch in Town!

Reeling in fresh from New York, CATCH Dubai proudly presents its newest weekend addition, the Saturday Brunch! Every Saturday, party-goers and food-lovers alike can revel in the cool CATCH vibe in the daytime, and sample the weekend’s saving grace. The newest brunch offering is a modern take on the classic American brunch, featuring all the classics and then some. From the quintessentially southern Chicken and Waffles to the contemporary Quinoa burger, this Saturday Brunch comes served with a side of smooth R&B beats to turn up the volume on your weekends. 

Where: Catch, Fairmont Dubai

Cuisine: Seafood

Perfect for: A party brunch experience with delectable dishes

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Service: Helpful but a little inattentive and showed irritation at times.

What we loved: The fact that this brunch actually included of food (with a decent portion) for each person. We always find ourselves not being completely satisfied with brunches by the end of it. Either the service was no good or they barely offered any food, which is quite disappointing. Catch was totally worth it though! There was a DJ playing some tunes, the lights eventually got dim, and you really just have a great time. Coming to the food, oh my god! It was beyond tasty! They had a great selection of starters and mains, something for everyone. Whether you're a shrimp lover, a lobster lover, or a steak lover, they have a variety of it all. And the best part is, the food's unlimited too so if you love a dish why not order it twice? The starters included of some dynamite shrimps, lobster cakes/rolls, pancakes, and what not. They were extremely delicious, I think we must have ordered 2-3 rounds of starters. I don't think I've ever tasted better lobster cakes before, they were so well done and the presentation of each dish was fantastic as well. The whole setting is just so aesthetically pleasing. Love how they included pancakes in the starters, it really gives you that "brunch" feel. They had some healthy options as well like the bread topped with avocado, and the chicken salad. Moving on to the entrees, we were offered steak topped with a bulls eye, this super interesting dish (fried chicken on waffles), and a few other dishes. The fried chicken really blew our minds, I mean how often do you see chicken on a waffle? It tasted as good as it looked! We'd definitely recommend this Saturday brunch, a good way to end your week. Totally worth it!

What we didn't like as much: The edamame was very unusual, it was topped with something that didn't go too well with our taste. They had no mocktails or cocktails when asked which was disappointing.

What we recommend:

  • EVERYTHING on the menu!

Ambiance: Fairly crowded, we occupied most of the restaurant. 

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CATCH’s renowned chefs have curated a menu for all palates, from freshly hooked and cooked lobster rolls to smoking edamame and crispy Rock Shrimp. The Catch Brunch has arrived to set the tone for your weekends. Paired with delicious concoctions from the bar, the indulgent selection of appetizers is the perfect way to Saturday. The CATCH brunch is complimented by a selections of beverage packages with options including; unlimited hops, house grape and house spirits for AED 399 per person, unlimited Bellini’s, Mimosa’s, Michelada’s and Bloody Mary’s for AED 449 per person, or AED 275 per person for unlimited soft-drinks.


#TSDReviewsCatchBrunch: 4/5