Summer City Guide: Dubai | Summer Diaries 2016

Shop Till You Drop | TSDShop till you drop

Who wouldn’t want to head to the mall this summer? With the raising temperature in weather and especially Dubai Summer Surprises running. The sales are insanely good and so is the collection in each store, be it a high end store or other. There’s obviously various kinds of deals going around, such as a 25% to 50% off of select items at stores like as, BCBG, Bebe, and Zara or spending AED500 on beauty products & getting a Sephora gift in return. Of course each mall has their own different activities and deals, so there’s definitely something to look out for in any mall with #MyDSS in season! Our favorite spots are Dubai Mall, City Walk (especially the second phase!), & Mall of the Emirates. Click here for more info. 

Get Pampered | TSDGet Pampered

Pampering yourself in Dubai is definitely a must! I think everyone should give themselves some “me time” every now and then. Splurging on a mani-pedi along with massages during a blistering summer day or even after a long day at work, is totally worth it! We certainly loved our session at the Belle Femme salon in Bay Square, you can get your shoulders massaged while getting your nails done, which is super relaxing. The salon in general is so well paced and luxuriating that you just want to doze off and never leave. Our review on Belle Femme (here)

Explore Food

Explore Food

Eating is a MUST, WANT, & NEED, when you’ve been shopping for hours and just need to recharge yourself. We’d certainly recommend a place like The Butcher Shop & Grill, if you’re looking for tasteful and filling food with a casual setting. It’s very bright and perfect for a calm meal. It is also fairly priced and definitely worth it. Click her for the detailed review.

Whereas, if you’re looking for a more fancy but also a relaxed night out, Laluz ,which is Spanish, would be the perfect fit for a fine dining restaurant experience or a lounge. A good place to chill at with a group of friends for drinks and canapes. Click here for more details. 

Another highly recommended place would be P.F. Chang’s at Mall of the Emirates. Just because it’s one of those go-to pit-stops when you’re at the mall, regardless of the reason. For their signature dynamite shrimps nonetheless! I think it’s the perfect place to head to if you’re looking for something cozy and casual.

Sit Back, Relax, and Watch A Movie

Sitting back and relaxing is exactly how we want to end our day at the mall. After all the shopping, pampering, and eating, there’s nothing like picking out the perfect movie & enjoying it. We personally prefer Reel Cinemas, rather than the other ones simply because of the seating and the size of the whole  cinema, so even if its crowded there’s still room to breathe. After all, summer in Dubai is all about relaxing (at least for us!), and what’s more convenient than catching a movie at Dubai Mall, City Walk, or the various other spots in Dubai.