Flower Paradise & Coach Love | Ramadan Edition

"Quality time pieces on Genuine Coach Leather straps, just in time to celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan."

And so...

We're back with our watch craze again. One thing we three most definitely have in common is our desire to discover the latest collection by our favorite brands, especially with watches - I think there's something new for us every week. This time, the obsession is with Coach's all new Ramadan collection. When it comes to jewelry, we all love layering whether it's arm candy or necklaces but I feel like sometimes watches can be such statement pieces, especially ones like PERRY by coach, it's simple and everything but the design is what's eye catching. They've given the PERRY collection a Ramadan feel in the cutest way possible, they actually managed to incorporate stars and a moon (classic Ramadan symbol) which I think is just perfect.

If you're wondering where this heavenly place we shot at is, it's Rixos, The Palm Dubai. We absolutely LOVE this place!! Regardless of the fact that it is so deep inside Palm and may take you an age to get there, once you do it's so worth it. We discovered this resort about a year and a half ago when we first visited El Chiringuito for their brunch and then came back later that year to experience a staycation at the resort. You honestly don't even feel like you're in Dubai, the heat does tend to get to you eventually (especially if you go during the summer) but it's really not that big a deal. This place is a must visit in the city.


Coach is forever known for its richness in quality, be it a watch or a bag. The leather strapped watch in navy blue is perfect to wear for the day time or even the night (because it looks more black at night, haha). It's a simple piece but the gold stars make it pop in a crowd. It's subtle, and something that will suit everyone. The black one is exactly like the navy blue one except for the strap color. It can be worn to a formal event or even just to an evening dinner. Finally, the white one is more out there, with the design. Super elegant and wearable though. These pieces also make up for the perfect gift during this holy month of giving & gifting! The watches are available at all Hour Choice stores in the UAE.

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