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The story behind the brand

Daniel Wellington came about when the founder, Filip Tysander, a Swede, met an attractive British man with impeccable and intriguing style called Daniel Wellington. The man had a unique style of wearing his Rolex watch on an old, weathered NATO strap. From there, Tysander found inspiration for his own line of watches, with the idea of minimalistic, refined designs along with interchangeable NATO or elegant leather straps. Three years later, Daniel Wellington is a leading brand with millions of dollars in turnover. 

Being a watch person,


I love discovering up and coming brands on Instagram, as does most of this generation. Stumbling across Daniel Wellington, I was delighted. Simple and minimalist designs always catch my eye, especially ones with ultra-thin cases.

On occasion, I do feel less is certainly more, so the vibe of Daniel Wellington definitely suits my personal style. I think when looking for a watch, especially one that you intend or wearing everyday, or very so often, then you'd want a clean design without too many features. Two ways in which it would prove to be advantageous are no stress styling it with your outfit and not having to get confused with other features on the watch when you're in a rush! You have the option of a rose gold or silver finish and you can switch between any of their interchangeable straps, depending your personal mood or your outfit's vibe. 

Daniel Wellington's Classic Rose Gold Cuff

A complimenting classic piece that is so pretty and chic, it reflects the elegance of the watch. I love the definition and added angle. Daniel Wellington's classic cuffs are pieces I would wear everyday because of how simple and delicate they are. These days, who isn't obsessed with rose gold, be it an accessory or technology, every girl loves a little rose gold. 

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