Clearing out your wardrobe with SHEDD


What is Shedd? Why is everyone on it all of a sudden?

If you’ve been on Instagram during these past few months, you might have seen a lot people using this new app called Shedd. Well, that’s because it’s the app we’ve all been waiting for since ages! The rise of online shopping and mobile apps means that buying new clothes is easier and more instantaneous than ever. We are OBSESSED with shopping and being a blogger, we naturally have a ton of clothes. Some that we use and some that still have their tag on in the closet. So why let that piece go to waste when someone out there could actually make use of it. It’s definitely time for us to give our wardrobes a bit of a clear out and make some space. Instead of throwing away some of the pieces we’ve hardly worn or no longer need why not #Sheddit? We recently got introduced to Shedd and absolutely love the concept! I think Shedd is for everyone: the trend hunters, the style savvy, the vintage lovers and the emerging designers and small businesses looking for a free window to give new life to their new and pre-loved fashion items. Don’t waste your wardrobe. #Sheddit.


Shedd is a brand new fashion marketplace

that allows you to earn extra cash by selling the items you no longer need or wear in an instant, • To sell, simply snap a photo and upload it with a short description. The first social fashion marketplace of its kind in the UAE, Shedd takes the guilt out of buying new clothes – you can buy it, wear it and #shedd pre-loved items quickly and easily. Browse your feed for hundreds of clothes, shoes and accessories from style icons in your local area. Buying new clothes and accessories on Shedd doesn’t have to make you feel guilty when you have the option to breathe life back into your pre-loved items by re-selling them quickly and easily.


How SHEDD works…

Shedd is free to download and free to use for both buyers and sellers. Using Shedd is really simple:

1. Download the app on your device (Direct link)


2. Sign up and build your profile

3. Curate your item creatively via a flat lay or well styled picture (It could take less than 30 seconds). Make sure to use the square format on your smartphone!


4. Snap a picture of your item and upload (it can take less than 30 seconds) Examples

shedd app

5. Upload a short description and hashtags to describe your item and / or the brand. For example – #dress, #fedora, #mules, #clutchbag, #Topshop, #Prada

6. Chat privately with potential buyers and use our new Pay & Ship service to have yours items picked up and delivered directly to the buyer!


And there you have it! You’ve passed on an amazing fashion piece to someone who needs it more and you made money out of it!