Early Fall Lip Picks 2015


Hello lovelies!

It has taken me forever to get this post up just because of how busy I’ve been with shoots, the blog’s re-launch and a few other things. Also, you guys have probably noticed that we typically don’t really write much on beauty but we’re all such huge makeup junkies, and so we thought why not start a beauty tab? I really hope you guys like the idea since we will be featuring a lot of beauty related articles from now on.

Coming to this post, I’m going to feature my ‘Early Fall Lip Picks’. Although, I’m not going to dive right into the deep shades mostly because we live in Dubai, and therefore I prefer a smoother transition into fall make up rather than diving right into the intense shades. During the first few weeks of fall I like to go for medium shades and then towards the end I like to go for the typical, more authentic fall shades. I can’t really choose just a couple of shades when it comes to Fall Favorites, so this post may seem like too many picks, but only for the reason that fall shades sometimes seem similar in tone yet from time to time truly distinct. Some of the products below were sent to us for product reviews and naturally, we had a mixed feeling about them at the beginning since they were brands we had never tried or even heard of before. Nevertheless, after trying them out, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with some of them, not solely because of the shade, but owing to the fact that the quality is genuinely good . I’ve got a story with every lipstick! These lip wears are the ones to fall for, this Fall 😉


I received the NOUBA Millebaci Liquid Lip Color as a product review and had no idea about this brand but like I said earlier, I did try it and was pleasantly surprised. I instantly fell in love with it! The shade isn’t as pigmented which is why i prefer it for the start of fall. It’s basically a matte liquid lipstick that’s super easy to apply, doesn’t smudge, stays put for hours and most importantly it’s the perfect shade of red for my taste. The only downside to this product would be taking it off, it’s pretty strong, so I’d suggest using a more powerful lip make up remover, preferably a waterproof one.

Before applying a liquid lipstick, I prefer lining my lips with the 24ORE Lip Pencil by Deborah Milano in the shade 01, because it makes it so much more easier for me and you can use it both for outlining the lips and as a base to intensify the lipstick color, so I do that sometimes. I occasionally don’t mind a little glossy effect for my day looks so I softly apply the Colour Elixir Pen by Max Factor in the shade Designer Blossom, to the middle, more fuller section of my lips.

image5 IMG_7643
I decided to try the Deborah Milano Atomatic Red Mat Lipstick in 02 after a friend recommended it to me. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about trying it out because I’ve never heard of the brand before and I’m really brand conscious when it comes to makeup! This by far is my favorite shade of brown. I’ve always thought that brown doesn’t suit me too well, although, when I had my whole make up look on and tried this particular shade, it gave me a great neutral look, not too intense, just the way I like it. This is definitely included in my favorites because I’ve recently been obsessed with brown-ish shades. Fall this year for me, is all about the brown shades, and not just in makeup.


Super obsessed with this Glam Gals Matte Lipgloss (LIMI13), it’s beautiful! It looks like a dark pink shade but when you try it on, it gives you a more purple-ish look with a matte finish.


I am obsessed with NYX’s lip products and whenever I get an opportunity to buy them I DO! I have noticed it’s always out of stock at many stores, and so I always purchase them online from LandmarkShop. I feel like this NYX Butter Lipstick is the perfect color to wear this fall, it has a pretty purple undertone which I love for the beginning of fall since its not too pigmented.download (1)

MAC’s Hollywood Cerise, Dubonnet, & Amorous are another 3 lipsticks I LOVE wearing during fall season. I just love the colors, there isn’t much to say about MAC, I think every girl owns at least 10 MAC lipsticks and we all know why. It’s simply amazing and most importantly, they make wearing the lipstick feel so comfortable.