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The idea behind Eataly is very simple,

to gather a variety of high-quality Italian foods under one roof where people can eat, shop and learn. As an original “marketplace” , Eataly invites customers to be active participants in an innovative tasting experience, as they move between sections savoring the high quality traditional Italian foods, beverages, produce and artisanal products on offer, or try new dishes and products from Eataly’s regularly changing regional highlights.

Cuisine: Italian

Where: Eataly, Dubai Mall

Perfect for: “A place to spend time sampling Italian harmony”

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Service: Each and every staff was extremely sweet & helpful. Also very well versed with the menu.

What we loved: I’ve always wanted to try Eataly but never really got the chance to until yesterday. We were very impressed, with the staff, the food, & the ambiance. The food is just great at Eataly, we really enjoyed some of their dishes especially from the starters. We tried the Frito di calamari which is breaded fried calamari and the Pummarola Burrata. The calamari was definitely a little different than the usual calamari we have nonetheless, we loved it! The sauces served with it made them taste even better. A must order from their menu is the burrata – love, love, love! Fresh cheese at its best. It was made perfectly, not too thin not too thick, extremely mouthwatering. Definitely going back for their burrata! Coming to the desserts, they have numerous options, and almost everything had chocolate!!! We were way too full to order anything but I just had to try their cannolo. It was filled with cream and topped with chocolate chips, tasted heavenly just like it should be. We also tried the chocolate crepe (added strawberries) which was certainly very heavy and filling but a good end to your meal.

What we didn’t like as much: I love pasta in white sauce so it was an absolute bummer when the server told us they had no white sauce (chicken) options for pasta. We went with a seafood pasta in red sauce, it was a little too much and was way too fishy for our taste. Personally, we didn’t enjoy the dish.

What we recommend:

  • Pummarola Burrata
  • Frito Di Calamari
  • Chocolate Crepe

Ambiance: Italian food under one roof, where you can eat, shop and learn. Lively and bright at any time of the day.

Contact: 04 330 8899


#TSDreviewsEataly: 3.5/5