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“Embody Fitness is much more than one-to-one personal training, but more about providing a community for its members, and that is what we set out to build in our Dubai location.” 

About Embody Fitness

Embody Fitness; a private fitness club established in London in 2013 opens its first luxury, state-of-the-art facility in Dubai.  Specializing in award winning body transformation results, the exclusive members-only fitness club was co-founded by James Miller and Sharare Hau.  Conveniently located in the iconic Lamborghini Building on Sheikh Zayed Road, Embody Fitness is totally unique in Dubai where members can now combine achieving world-class results in a luxury state of the art private fitness club. Embody Fitness offers provides every client with a personal trainer, nutritional adviser and sports therapist who work in unison to guide and monitor them through their fitness journey. This unique team approach focuses on all the essential elements for an effective fitness transformation and ensures clients maximise their results in the shortest period of time. Members-Only fitness facility features an extensive array of amenities for its members. 




Our Opinion on Embody Fitness...

When we heard that Embody was coming to Dubai, we were more than excited and eager to try it out. What's special about this gym is that it's completely focused on weight training, no treadmills, no cardio, just weights! It may sound a bit scary, "what if I gain too much muscle and start looking manly?", "what if I want to loose fat?" well, Embody has a way or transforming bodies just by weight training and of course eating right, your diet is key. If that is on track and healthy then you're good to go. That's something the nutritionist at Embody was explaining to us. We first had a good talk with Lulu for about an hour. After we were done with this, it was time for the movement assessment. All these steps are extremely important for someone who wants to join Embody. They really want to get to know your body so that they know which areas you need to work on the most. It's sort of a time consuming process but you're never bored so that's good. Next, it's time for you to schedule your workouts with your trainer depending on the package you take. We trained with Morgan, who kept all the workouts super fun & killer! Many of the trainers at Embody are known for having trained and rehabilitated top celebrities, royalty, Olympic gold medallists and many other elite athletes. We absolutely loved the vibe at Embody, from the theme to the colors, to the sweet Team, everything just makes you love the gym more and more. We had four sessions with Morgan and he gave us killer workouts for all. You really feel the difference after just 2 classes, which is just so satisfying. P.S. The exclusive membership is limited to 250 members, making it a private and exclusive space for Dubai’s elite fitness fanatics to achieve their fitness goals.

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