Firebird Diner | Iftar | Restaurant Review


Firebird Diner

is the creation of celebrity chef Michael Mina. Serving dishes from breakfast and business lunches to world-class dinners, cocktails and late-night noshing. Plush booths, tables and a signature diner-style counter set the stage for a sophisticated and luxurious experience. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer breathtaking views of the Dubai city skyline,

Cuisine: American

Where: Firebird Diner, Four Seasons, DIFC

Perfect for: An all American Iftar experience

Iftar Order:


  • Chicken wings
  • Popcorn Shrimp
  • Roasted tomato soup


  • OAK Grilled Salmon
  • Half Golden Chicken
  • Lamb Chops
  • Spiced Safron rice
  • Grilled Asparagus & Raita


  • Chocolate cake
  • Banana Sundae

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Service: Impeccable service. It was pretty occupied, but we were still well taken care of! The sweetest and kindest of staffs. The host was especially sweet and helpful.

What we loved: The food arrived on time, even though the amount of people in the restaurant were all ordering at once. The starters were just enough to fill us up so that we could have room for the mains. The chicken wings were extremely delicious. Even the popcorn shrimps were good, I personally liked how the sauce was on the side and not loaded on each popcorn.  Overall, they have many healthy options like the grilled asparagus, well done and just the right amount of flavor in the sauce. The half golden chicken served with truffle sauce mac ‘n cheese (Yes I did say truffle sauce!) was certainly the highlight of my meal. It was absolutely the best of both worlds, considering the mouth watering mac ‘n cheese flavored with truffle sauce. It was absolutely delightful with the perfectly cooked golden chicken. The quantity of food is very sufficient especially for a sharing concept. Finally coming to desserts. The chocolate cake is by far one of the best chocolate cakes town for sure. Perfect way to end your meal. It’s just so rich in flavor and definitely worth the calories.

What we didn’t like as much: The saffron rice in my opinion, was not really needed as it seemed a bit out of place. We didn’t really have more than a spoon of it. If you don’t like a diner concept, this isn’t your spot as its pretty much how you’d feel at a diner. Other than that, nothing we distinctively disliked to be completely honest!

What we recommend: 

  • Popcorn Shrimps
  • Half Golden Chicken
  • Lamb Chops
  • Chocolate cake

Ambiance: Lit up and modern tasteful interiors with a welcoming and lively atmosphere.

More on Firebird Diner’s Iftar…

It’s a 3 course sharing menu with various gourmet dishes to ignite your taste buds.

AED 200/- per person (Bottled water and soft drinks included)



#TSDreviewsFirebirdDinerIftar: 3.5/4