Summer in Dubai

I don't know about you, but something about summer makes me love my comfy & casual looks even more. I definitely do not go for summery colors when it comes to my outfits but I love adding a pop of color every now and then, like the belt bag I'm wearing in this post. One thing I absolutely LOVE doing during summer in the city is shopping and shopping online because it just makes my life so much easier + saves so much of my time. And so, I thought I'd share some of my favorite online stores with you guys!

Top 3 online stores


It's a reputed luxury online store that I've come to shop at a lot recently. The collection is great, they have some exclusive pieces too! After placing my first order, which arrived within 2-3 days I was SO happy and quite surprised too because I know online shopping can take a while but with net-a-porter everything is so easy.


I recently came across this online store when I was looking for some sneakers which was sold out everywhere else. I personally love their shoe collection it's not something you'd find easily + they have a home & lifestyle section which is pretty cool, I don't think I have come across any other online store that sells Gucci vases or candles! Oh and they do free shipping.


Another online store I find myself shopping at quite often is FarFetch. Love everything about them, from the collection to the service. Their menswear is really nice, they have a lot of options and one of the best things about FarFetch is that they have one of the best sales every now and then.