Getting into YouTube | LookBook 2016


Getting into YouTube can always be nerve-racking

as you’re not sure on what kind of response you’ll get from everyone. We actually never thought we’d ever get on YouTube but we’ve had this idea of creating a video lookbook for a while now, and never really did anything about it until recently! As you all know we shot our lookbook video about a month ago and it went up live just a few days ago. We’ve been getting such a good response, we already want to shoot another one for you guys. We shot the entire video at Vida Downtown in Dubai. We got a suite and spent the day at the hotel, we checked in at 9 am and got done by around 7 pm (YES, a video shoot is super hectic and time consuming!) Coming to the harder parts of shooting, the shoot went on for about 7 hours, people might think it’s easier because we’re three but it’s actually the opposite because you need to focus on each person one by one. Hats off to our videographer, Chris! Preparation and planning is no doubt a key to a successful and organized shoot. The basic steps are obviously to have the concept in mind, look for the right videographer to work with, creating a mood board, and of course scouting for a good location. Here’s our mini detailed guide on how to go about it.


Don’t be basic! Try to create something new, something a lot of bloggers/vloggers (in the region) haven’t done before. Keep it fresh and don’t be afraid to try new things. Nonetheless do make sure to look up what content other bloggers and vloggers in the same field have created that, way your mind starts working into understanding what you like and what you would want to do. Once you have a glimmer of your vision in mind, start researching in depth. Also, don’t forget to always write down all your ideas as they pop in your head, it’s always easier that way so you won’t miss out or forget anything.


Decide on the kind of vibes and mood you want to go for. For us, it was more of a casual, chic vibes and then transitioning into an elegant vibe. You’ll also have to decide whether you want your lookbook to be more of a movie style (wherein, you would have to create a story line) or just a ‘how to’, style or just shots of different looks kind of a video. Ours was certainly heavier on a story line with style rather than just focusing on outfit shots. We then started scribbling different sorts of ideas for the script. Doing this really helps in hindsight so when you’re on location, you’re well prepared and don’t waste time in switching between ideas. The two main things while creating a video lookbook is definitely getting the right team and a great location. As the sunlight in Dubai is too harsh, we decided to shoot indoors. We started looking at different hotels and finalized on Vida downtown as it was the most suitable to the story line we had in mind (after getting all the permits, of course).

Create a mood board…

Once you’re sure about an idea/concept, it’s time for a mood board. Pin up some essential information, some of them being, options of hairstyles you would want for different outfits, if you’re including text then the font, size, etc. Also include all the pieces and accessories for each outfit. Try think about the backdrop and lighting you would want while keeping in mind what you want the focus to be on in a certain frame (outfit, makeup, location, etc.)

Assemble the right team FOR YOU…

You definitely want to find the right videographer/editor. You need to find someone who’s in the fashion field so that he/she understands the concept and what exactly you want, or it would be time consuming to explain different kinds of angles and shots. This is super important because if your camera man isn’t right the entire thing could be a huge disaster. Once you’ve construed the concept/theme, you can get on with the make up artist and hairstylists. Think about your outfits according to the theme of the lookbook, of course. For hair, we got the girls from be bar to come down and style it for us. If you don’t know who/what be bar is, you can read all about them in our blog post (Be Bar Blow Dry Bar). For makeup, we chose to go for our all time favorite Ayesha F. You want to make sure to pick out your glam team that you are confident in.

Sit down with the team…

We set up a meeting with Chris and explained the story line we wanted to go for, discussed the script, and also how we wanted each and every angle. You want to make sure your videographer and you have the exact same thing in mind and are on the same page so that nothing is misunderstood and goes according to plan. You want to then discuss your hair and makeup looks for each outfit. For us, the first was more of a subtle look, whereas, the second was the opposite, it was completely glamorous. So make sure to discuss everything in detail with the stylists so the team comes to an effortless conclusion. You could obviously do your own hair & makeup but we just prefer getting it done as it’s more convenient and less time consuming.

Once you’re done with all of this you’re good to go and the shoot should go just as planned! ♡ Check out our lookbook down below and comment any questions or feedback you have ♡


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