My Hair Care Routine | Beauty

Here are the 5 products and steps on how I use my hair products for them to make a magical difference to my hair...


I don't believe in new products coming out every day and trying something new ( trial error) on my hair. Even though people say to change up your hair routine every now and then, I tend to stick to products that I've noticed works best for my hair and never really change my hair care routine, unless I hear people raving about a product and if I'm in the mood for change (which is rare) then yes, I will just add it to my routine.


Step 1

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Protecting Shampoo - I use a bunch of l'oreal products because I feel like they work wonders and are extremely affordable too, something which is rare when it comes to haircare or skincare. If you have colored hair this would be the best shampoo to use or even if your hair isn't colored, I would still really recommend this specific shampoo only because I never face any hair fall or hair damage in all the years that I've used this shampoo. Plus, the anti-oxidant system protects your hair color and shields it from fading away - if you have color in your hair

Step 2

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Protecting Conditioner - of course, conditioner is a big must when it comes to hair care routines. It really hydrates your hair and makes it a thousand times smoother & shinier. Those are the only two steps while washing my hair and once I'm done, I then like to just air dry my hair for a bit, after say an hour I blow dry it.

Step 3

Syoss Heat Protect Spray -  I like to spray this on my blow dried hair only on the bottom (colored) area of my hair though. I tend not to put this on or around my scalp area because you really only need it on the below parts and mostly just the ends of your hair.

Step 4

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil-in-Cream:  This works like magic on my hair. After spraying the syoss spray on the bottoms of my hair, I apply a little of this cream on the bottom of my hair as well to really nourish it and keep the glossy look after styling, etc. After step 3 & 4, I blow dry my hair again so that the products can just sink into my hair completely. And finally, if I want more volume in my hair on a specific day, I like to go with the below product - mostly only on days where I curl my hair and I really want that volume, it's definitely not an everyday thing as I try to use as less products as I can on my hair.

step 5

Sachajuan Stockholm's Volume Powder -  Shake the bottle well & spray it on your hair few inches away from your scalp and then rub it in your hair with your fingertips. It's a powder-based spray that gives a matte finish look, definitely does not make it oily - which I LOVE. Make sure to use small amounts of all the products, they work like magic.