Hello new hair | Juice Salon Dubai

New Year, New do by Juice Salon…

our first post for the year is featuring our new hair, how exciting! We popped into Juice Salon (Mankhool Road, Bur Dubai) a few days ago after being utterly bored of our old hair. Our stylists, Saviona, Asang, and Sol came up with great ideas & suggestions for each of our hair and we were pretty happy with the end results.

Getting into the details…

We started off with consultations and what exactly we want. We usually get our hair done by male stylists so we were slightly apprehensive about getting it done by female stylists this time. Saviona was pretty sweet and relaxed, and it was super easy to tell her what I was looking for. I went for a balayage ombré sort of a thing in a shade of brown. At most salons, my hair color stays the same even by the end of the process which is quite upsetting. However, at Juice they use a method called “high lift color” which basically lifts your natural color and works to give it as much volume of color as possible. We all were in need for a haircut, and definitely not just a trim this time! I like how Saviona did exactly what I wanted, few layers while keeping the length. Pooja and Rithika got rid of some locks as well, which was quite satisfying. Coming to the coloring part, as for Pooja, she chose to go for global hair color, whereas Rithika chose to go for her usual ombré. Pooja was totally content with her stylist as she understood exactly what she wanted. Asang was very professional and confident in her ways of coloring, cutting & styling, she had absolutely no doubts and second thoughts with her methods, something we absolutely appreciate in stylists, especially the fact that she effortlessly did and understood 100% what we envisioned. Like we said, one thing we’re always afraid of while getting our hair colored is either the color not showing at all or turning out to be another color. This doesn’t have to do with the stylists or the product but it simply depends on what your natural hair color is and especially since we all have really dark roots, colors like “blonde” won’t exactly catch well unless it’s been done a few times. For Rithika’s hair, there were a few orange tints that occurred, she obviously wasn’t happy about it. Sol was sweet enough to apply another color to reduce the orange tints. So Rithika was quite content with the end results.

The service…

Our stylists were very welcoming. I think Saviona was the sweetest, she was always helping around and checking up every now and then. As already mentioned above, the hair stylists seem very professional and sharp. Another thing I’d like to mention is that generally working with our hair gets quite challenging because our natural base is pretty dark, so if you seem to have the same dilemma when coloring your hair we’d definitely recommend Juice salon as they seem to have experience and work well with such cases. The staff was sweet and considerate enough to let us get our mani/pedis done while getting our hair done so that we don’t waste any time. Our mani/pedi girls did their job well. Definitely a bit bummed that we didn’t get to experience our mani/pedis at the stations but nonetheless, there’s always a next time. 😉

Thank you to Juice Salon for having us.

Contact Juice Salon: 04 398 8731