Brows Plus Eyes | Hi Impact Brows Review

Hi Impact Brows Box
When I saw this cute little brow palette by Hi Impact Brows sat at my beauty counter, I was really excited to try it out, especially knowing that it was made for the eyes too. I’m the type of person that loves to have a color in my crease, no matter what the makeup look. Keep reading for a detailed review or Scroll to the end of the post for a shorter version.

Hi Impact Brows

is the only “brow palette” that caters to brows and eyes. A sleek black palette that serves to four hair colors and/or skin tones, along with a cute mini angled brow brush to go with it. The shades include Ash, Spice, Mocha & Charcoal, just as simple as they sound. Ash is quite a sandy brown, and Spice is an earthy tone, whereas Mocha is more of a lighter chocolate tone; and last but not the least, Charcoal, which is of course ebony/black.

To be honest, none of the four shades perfectly suited me at first. Fortunately though, it drove me to mix and combine the shades when applying on my brows. I found that they were quite pigmented, which I absolutely love in brow powders. I used the shade charcoal to lightly outline the top arch of my brows, along with a couple strokes in sparse areas, then filled in the other skimpy areas with Mocha. Although, I did need to layer them, as the Charcoal shade on its own is too unrealistic. I do also feel that once the product is placed on the brows it doesn’t blend as well as I would like it to. Safe to say, careful where you place your strokes.

My absolute favorite thing about this brow palette is the shade and tone of Spice. I think that it has the perfect earthy feel for a warm crease, something I always strive for. Once I tried it on, I was hooked. I’ve been wearing the shades on my eyes and brows almost everyday, from the time I tried it on the first time. The density of the shade Charcoal definitely calls for a smoky eye. It’s always hard to find a black powder shadow so thick in concentration.

As for the cute little angled brush,

it is definitely “usable”. A little small in size, and maybe difficult to use for somebody with longer fingers, however, the width of the bristles surely makes it easier for precision, and that is personally more important to me, rather than the length of the brush. An only downside I found, was that the alignment of bristles was not completely straight, one edge was faintly curved out.

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I think the brow palette – or might I say brows and eye – is definitely something I will be using for a very long time as its size makes it perfect for when I’m in a rush or need something compact to complete a whole eye look. The versatility of the shades and the fact that they’re long-wearing are also things that drew me in.

The Hi Impact Brows Palette is available at Tips & Toes, and SEPHORA stores in the UAE.