HTC One A9 Launch with Dima Ayad


We were invited to a brunch for HTC’s newly launched device #HTCOneA9, which was held at Coya Dubai. The private event consisted of about 20-25 invitees. The A9 comes in four colors; Topez Gold, Black, Silver & maroon, it’s super sleek & stylish! It also has a fingerprint sensor! This is definitely one to try, especially if you’re a blogger, you want to try out new gadgets! Moreover, the fact that it looks like an iPhone, has actually caught the eye of many people, and almost every person is looking forward to this one. As we entered the official launch, it was very nicely presented. There were 4 models dressed in Dima Ayad’s designs, who walked the ramp with the different colored phones. If you follow us on snapchat, you would have seen a snippet of this already! We also got the opportunity to check out the different colored phones in our hands. We loved the event, the launch was something very unique compared to other launches, and the HTC team was very welcoming. As the presentation concluded we were served an appetizing lunch at Coya, our second favorite Peruvian restaurant!

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