Interview With Fashion Designer, Shweta Wahi

10721140_10152762616285499_1520835168_n Earlier last week, we got the opportunity to interview the talented designer, Shweta Wahi. Shweta is an Indo-Canadian, who is brought up between Dubai, Toronto and Johannesburg. She has showcased her collection in almost 26 + shows. Shweta is also one of our first interviewee. For someone to achieve so much at such a young age, she is highly admirable & inspirational for the young aspiring fashion designers out there. Shweta is so dedicated to her career, she is constantly travelling between Dubai, Johannesburg and Canada for different shows, etc. Wahi had recently showcased her collection at the India Fashion Week, Dubai (we loved her show!) She is now a noted designer in the Toronto and Ottawa fashion circuit. Despite the fact that she is tremendously successful, she is one of the most humble people, we  have ever met. SWSW4SW interview - latest 1SW 3SW 4SW 5

 8 quick questions for Shweta:

  1.  Favorite app on your phone?
  2. Favorite restaurant in Dubai?
    Tasha’s and café ceramique
  3. One thing you cannot leave home without?
    – Mascara, lip balm, perfume, and my phone, of course.
  4. Hollywood or bollywood?
    – Both, it just has to be comedy/fun loving.
  5. Heels or flats?
    – Flats.
  6. The best thing about your collection?
    -I try to make sure they are comfortable.
  7. Dubai, Johannesburg or Canada?
    – Canada, and wherever my parents are.
  8. Favorite cuisine?
    – Anything with chocolate.


Chatting with Shweta Wahi was extremely delightful. TSD appreciated the time Shweta Wahi has taken out from her busy schedule for us.

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