Junoon Dubai | Ramadan Menu Tasting with Chef Vikas Khanna


Junoon Dubai’s newly launched Ramadan menu…

We were invited to Junoon, Dubai, for a bespoke experience in the presence of the Michelin star chef, Vikas Khanna. Chef Vikas had flown down to Dubai to launch his much anticipated book “Utsav” along will a whole new summer menu! What we looked forward to on this menu was Chef Vikas’s interesting concept of every dish on the Ramadan menu being from different areas in India! So you get to taste different kinds of Indian dishes with varying tastes and spices!
Cuisine: Indian

Where: Junoon, Shangri La Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road

Perfect for:  A taste of every Indian city.


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Service: Excellent! The servers were extremely lively, friendly and helpful. Our server  was super sweet and made our lunch as traditional as possible.

What we loved: We were welcomed with masala cashews, dates, candied walnuts, and pistachios, in a moon shaped copper plate, it gives you the Ramadan vibe from the very beginning. Coming to the appetizers, The bhalla papdi chaat had just the right amount of sweetness and ”chaat” to it. The Hyderabadi Gosht Seekh was our absolute favorite! Two of us don’t usually like/eat lamb kebabs but we did try it at Junoon and we were blown away, it was too good. It doesn’t taste like the typical chewly lamb as its cooked to perfection with the right amount of spice(s) and is just so mouth watering. Another dish we couldn’t get enough of, was the Squid Pepper fry, which is essentially Calamari with an Indian take, and trust us, it’s worth the taste. From the mains, we absolutely loved the Nizami Murg. When looking at its ingredients at first, chicken thigh with coconut, cashew and peanut, we couldn’t imagine eating such a dish, as we aren’t a fan of coconut and cashews in curries, and weren’t looking forward to it. Much to our surprise, the spices, coconut and cashews worked so well together that the final outcome of the dish is lip-smackingly delicious. It was by far our favorite Indian chicken curry there!  Coming to the desserts, we had the chocolate matka and the almond sorbet (green apple flavored) , both of them were equally good however, it really depends from person to person since two of us liked the chocolate matka better and one of us liked the almond sorbet better.

What we didn’t like as much: The broccoli channe ki shammi was indeed delicious but you can’t eat to much of it because its a bit too dry and needs to have more of the sauce its initially served with. The Khumb Matar Hara Pyaaz was good but not as good as the other dishes. There was something missing in the dish, and because all the other dishes taste so different in a good way, this wasn’t as good.

What we recommend:

  • Squid Pepper fry
  • Hyderabadi Gosht Seekh
  • Jhinge Ki Khurchan
  • Nizami Murgh

Ambiance: Very very bright and lively as always. Natural light during lunch hours, bring an altogether different look to the restaurant.

More on Junoon…

Junoon Dubai is a 4 year consecutive Michelin star restaurant, awarded as “The best Indian restaurant of New York” in 2015. The culinary ambassador of Junoon is celebrity chef Vikas Khanna. Junoon also includes a private dinning area which is perfect for people who want their privacy. Junoon is a starred Indian restaurant concept from NYC. The Ramadan menu is one of the best ramadan Indian menu’s we have tasted. Chef Vikas Khanna was extremely sweet and welcoming.

#TSDreviewsJunoon: 4.0/5

Contact: http://www.shangri-la.com/dubai/shangrila/dining/restaurants/junoon/