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Trying out new lashes is something we really look forward to,

only after we know for a fact that the brand is tested & tried though because no one wants to take the risk of getting an eye infection, swollen eye, etc.  We recently received a bunch of pretty lashes from Karla Beauty Lashes and so we thought we’d give you guys our review on these lashes. Are these lashes comfortable? To be very honest, these lashes are not 100% comfortable to wear for long hours (more than 5 hours), after a point you start feeling the weight on your eyes which is really disturbing. One of the first lashes I tried was “Hanood,” it’s super dramatic in terms of thickness and length… Initially, I thought it looked a bit strange however, when you have a full face make-up it just adds to it and completes your look. I wear this one only for events, I feel like it’s too intense for a normal day look. I like to go with “Shyo5” or “Maryioum” for daily outings, it has that natural look but at the same time it gives your eyes that pop you want/expect when wearing falsies. Before wearing any of the Karla Beauty Lashes, you need to make sure you trim them from the outside (about 2mm) else they can get a bit uncomfortable. I really fancy the lashes in “Shmooh,” they go from thin to thick which gives your eyes such a lovely effect.

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Wearing Karla Beauty Lashes in "Shyo5"

Wearing Karla Beauty Lashes in “Shyo5”

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