Kat Von D Masterclass by Erik Soto


Earlier this morning, I attended the Kat Von D masterclass taught by Erik Soto (Global Makeup Artist, Kat Von D).

I must say I’ve always been a fan of Kat Von D makeup. From the packaging to the colors, everything is so unique. The masterclass was a pretty fun experience, we got to chit chat, try out the new “Lock-it” collection, and get our Kat Von D brushes engraved. Erik gave us a lot of his personal tips&tricks and he also told us a little about the mastermind behind all of this, Kat Von D. He explained how everything, such as the packaging and design is all done by her personally and how she still puts in the effort and time into her products, which is commendable! The class then began, he started with priming the models face with the Kat Von D lock-it primer which has numerous benefits and can keep your makeup intact for 24hrs. A lot of new Kat Von D products were revealed today, like the new eyeshadow palette, primer, foundation, and of course the lock-it concealer. Erik was sweet enough to gift each of us the lock-it concealer in our shades along with other products in the goody bag!

img_4257 img_4256 img_4255 img_4253 img_4252 img_4251 Kat von D masterclass dubai Kat von D masterclass