Katana’s Red Sun Brunch | Restaurant Review


The Red Sun Brunch at Katana…

is designed to flow seamlessly throughout the afternoon, taking friends on a Japanese sharing adventure across three styles of Japanese cooking. Your welcome starts as soon as you enter the Brunch, with the Tropical Coy Bowl featuring Watermelon Coy ice cubes nestled in a fresh tropical beverage, it’s designed to get you in the mood to Brunch with the best as the DJ spins chilled out tracks and LA grooves in the stunning lounge.

Where: Katana, Address Downtown

Cuisine: The brunch menu includes your typical Asian dishes.

Perfect for: A laid-back upscale Friday Brunch experience.

Our Order:


  • Edamame / sea salt or chili garlic soy beans (S) (G)
  • Garden Salad / mixed baby greens with soy vinaigrette (S) (G)
  • Salmon Carpaccio / feta cheese, shimeji mushroom and king salmon(S) (G)
  • Chips & Avocado Puree / purple potato, lotus root, sweet potato, crispy seaweed (D)
  • Moriawase Tempura / tiger prawns & seasonal vegetables (S) (G)


  • Gyu / angus beef with soy tare (S) (G)
  • Negima / chicken and green onions (S) (G)
  • Sake / king salmon with soy tare (S) (G)
  • Ebi / tiger prawn with tarragon miso (S) (G) (SS) (SF) (D)
  • Tomorokoshi / yuzu shiso butter corn (S) (G) (D)


  • Ebi Jalapeno / rock shrimp with jalapeno (S) (G) (SS) (SF)
  • Katana / yellowtail and tuna atop with tuna and shrimp tempura (S) (G) (SF) (D)
  • Yasai Maki / vegetarian Roll
  • Nigiri Sushi / salmon & Ebi (SF)
  • Sashimi / salmon, Tuna & yellowtail (SF)


  • Jidori Chicken / free range chicken with ginger relish, yuzu pepper and sea salt
  • Umami Salmon / robata grilled salmon in umami soy (S) (G) (SS) (SF)
  • Yakiniku / short ribs in Asian marinade (SS) (S) (G)
  • Ingen Itame / Sauteed Green Beans with Garlic Sauce [S][G][SF]
  • Mixed Chahan / fried rice with chicken & prawn (S) (G) (SF) (D)


  • Mango Tofu Yuzu Cheesecake (D)
  • Azuki Brownie (D) (G) (N)
  • Strawberry, Green Tea & Coconut Macaron (D)
  • Green Tea Sesame Roll Cake (D) (G)
  • Lychee & Mandarin Sorbet

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Service: Very impressed with the staff at Katana. They were sweet, helpful, and also very attentive.

What we loved: We really liked the selection and the quantity of each dish, it’s just the right amount. They aren’t largely sized dishes only because there are a million dishes on the menu. Even their quality of food is excellent. The presentation of each dish was fantastic, especially of all the sushis that came together #SushiHeaven! The setting of the brunch was very classy. All the courses are brought to your table. We hate when brunches are buffet style where it’s self service. Coming to the food, the Salmon Carpaccio was delicious, the salmon itself was so thin and tender it also had feta cheese and shimeji mushroom, the dish was made very well. The Moriawase Tempura which was tiger prawns and seasoned vegetables was a very interesting dish because even the vegetables were deep fried not just the prawns, on the whole a very appetizing dish. After the starters, it was time for the “Robata” set to arrive. It included of chicken, salmon, tiger prawns, and butter corn. Absolutely loved the selection! Every dish was made to perfection and tasted absolutely amazing. From the sushi selection our favorites were the Sake, Ebi, Mixed Chahan & Nigiri Sushi. Finally, our last course arrived, before the dessert. From the “hot” course again, we loved everything! Especially the ‘Mixed Chahan’ which was fried rice with chicken & prawns, it was definitely not like the usual fried rice we’ve had before. There was something different about this one. We would highly recommend this Red Sun Brunch, the food is delicious and it’s totally worth it!

What we didn’t like as much: Not anything in specific we didn’t like however, we would definitely prefer if the vibe was a little more pumped up, perhaps with some good music.

What we recommend:

  • Highly recommend everything!

Ambiance: Nowadays brunches are usually more like a day club experience with pumping commercial music and low dim lights. This was more of a laid back brunch experience where you just sit back and enjoy the experience, not get involved in a party experience with your friends. That being said, the interiors are very pretty, we can imagine it being a great night spot. As the brunch is very new only 3-4 tables were occupied.

*AED 295 (soft drinks), AED 395 (house beverages), AED 495 (bubbles). Friday 1pm – 4pm. Additionally, a full vegetarian offering is available.

#TSDreviewsKatanasRedSunBrunch: 4.0 / 5

Contact: Vesna