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La Cantine Du Faubourg from Paris to Dubai

from the City of Lights’ thriving fashion avenue, to one of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks, it becomes the ultimate power table, located in Emirates Towers. La Cantine is more than a restaurant, more than a bar, more than just a lounge with a view, it is your exclusive rendezvous be it business, culture, entertainment or pleasure. A fantastic vibe for a multi-sensory experience. A garden terrace overlooking DIFC’s top landmarks, a natural minimalistic bar, pergola dining room, and a salon restaurant. Day and night, La Cantine delivers a completely unique experience for people of taste.

Cuisine: French

Where: La Cantine du Faubourg, 1st Floor, Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

Perfect for: Good food & drinks with a getaway vibe

Our Order:


  • Crab-avocado salad, citrus vinaigrette AED135
  • Pizza á la truffe AED110
  • Fried Calamari


  • Poulet fermier, vegetables du jardin AED 165
  • Hammour, buttered leeks and yuzu
  • Sur Le Grill: Jumbo Prawns


  • Steamed Asparagus AED 45
  • Pomme Purée AED 45
  • Gratin Dauphinois


  • Profiteroles AED 60
  • Chocolate fondant, vanilla ice cream


  • Ginger Green Tea
  • Chamomile Jasmine Infused Tea

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Service: Excellent! Super friendly & attentive staff.

What we loved: The food & ambiance was just on point, especially the natural light that falls into the restaurant during the day. Crab-avocado salad, the citrus vinaigrette is mouthwatering and just so delicious, the perfect mix of crabs and avocado. If you are a seafood lover, you MUST try this appetizer. The drinks were super refreshing and fresh, exactly what you need in this weather. The pizza a la truffle was perfectly melted with the right amount of truffle, that just makes it super appetizing. The baby chicken was also well done, and the sauces that it’s prepared with gives it the perfect flavor and a slight crisp on the surface, definitely a good option if you are a chicken lover! We would strongly recommend you finishing off your lunch with some tea, the jasmine infused tea was an ideal end to our lunch as you get a bit too full and it helps your body relax.

What we didn’t like as much: The Asparagus was not fresh and slightly over done. Other than that there wasn’t anything we disliked.

What we recommend:

  • Pizza á la truffle
  • Crab-avocado salad, citrus vinaigrette
  • Pomme purée
  • Profiteroles

Ambiance: If you’re looking for an atmosphere to be in that’s not a club, but feel’s like one, it’s the perfect lounge. Just a laid back kind of feel. It would be perfect, especially during the night. Absolutely love the location! Day or night, La Cantine is occupied at almost all times. Astonishing artwork all around the restaurant, that can also be bought. They have both an indoor and an outdoor area, the outdoors are best to relax for an early evening, completely bare above head. Picture-perfect, when the weather is decent of course.

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Brought from Paris to Dubai. A great spot for lunch, dinner, and/or drinks. La Cantine is more than a restaurant, it’s an artistic rendezvous, a lifestyle statement. The concept relies on five key principles: sound, music, image, art and food. Dress code: smart casual.

#TSDreviewsLaCantineduFaubourg: 4.5 / 5

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Contact: 04 352 7105