How I get my make up done in 15 minutes

Rithika usually put’s on her make-up in less than 15mins!! Never paid attention to how she takes such a short time, yet looks so chic. The finished make-up looks like she had been putting it on for hours! I think its just university life, where you need to be in and out of make – up in minutes. Plans are always so sudden and you always need to look presentable.

How she does it (in steps):

1.) concealer over the eye lid, and the under eye area – 2 minutes
2.) eye shadow – 1 minute
3.) eye liner – 1 minutes
4.) white primer for the lashes – 10 seconds
5.) foundation – 2 minutes
6.) face powder – 1 minute
7.) mascara (apply after foundation so that the primer gets time to catch onto lashes) – 3 minutes
8.) lipstick – 2 minutes

Quick tips:
— The better the brand, the faster ‘applying it’ takes.
— Using the least amount of products, but still looking good is the best way to keep your skin good.

*Video tutorial may be posted too