Miyabi Sushi & Bento | Restaurant Review

Miyabi Sushi & Bento

is a casual Japanese eatery offering a wide range of menu varieties – from salads and light bites such as yakitori skewers and tempura, to simple one- or two-ingredient Makis, Nigiri, Temaki cones, and Sashimi, plus a selection of Ramen, fried Noodles, Donburi rice bowls, Shabu-Shabu hotpots and even a modest Korean offering, at an affordable price with high quality of food.

Where: Miyabi Sushi & Bento, Shk. Zayed Road

Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi, Korean

Perfect for: Great quality sushi in a casual setting

Our Order

– Edamame   AED 30
– Chicken Yakitori   AED 25
– Shrimp tempura   AED 50

– Double Crunch Roll   AED 55
– Chili Tempura Roll AED 32
– Chicken Katsu   AED 60

Service: Our server was the sweetest, she was very involved during our experience at Miyabi Sushi.

What we loved: They have a wide variety of Signature favorites from the cuisine. It’s a place I would visit if I were craving some good sushi in a casual setting. They give you a good quantity of every dish. The Chicken Yakitori is dipped in too much of the teriyaki sauce, so if you like the teriyaki taste then you would love this dish but good quantity of chicken that just melt in your mouth. The Shrimp Tempura are largely sized deep fried shrimp (the shrimp was perfectly done, hot and crispy) that taste really good when dipped in Soy sauce it just changes the tempura to a whole other level. Coming to the mains, we didn’t really expect the sushi to taste as good as it tasted. It has just the right amount of rice and everything it mixed so well. They had some very delicious, interesting sushi rolls. Every sushi just melts in your mouth. Our favorite was the chili tempura roll. Finally, the Chicken Katsu is a large sized dish that is more than enough for one person. I would say it would even be good to share for two people. Overall for the price, the quantity you get is excellent.

What we didn’t like as much: The wifi outdoors is pretty bad and gets annoying.  The Edamame was a bit too plain, I guess we’ll go for the spicy edamame next time.

What we recommend:

  • Shrimp tempura
  • Chili tempura roll
  • Shrimp tempura

Ambiance: A very spacious restaurant. They have cute outdoor seating too and the place has a very comfy vibe. The evening was quite occupied but not too crowded.

More on Miyabi Sushi & Bento:

The Sheikh Zayed Road branch is the oldest and most authentic, it has 2 floors and a patio area in which you can enjoy the winter days. They have a lot of offers on different days that can be found on: http://www.miyabisushidubai.com/home

#TSDreviewsMiyabiSushiandBento: 3.6 / 5