Monday Attire


More like ”Stylish Monday Attire”… With the oscillating weather, it gets so difficult for one to decide what to wear, to layer it up or not? Neha & I chose to ”twin” in a way and go for these jackets from Bless The Mess which are simple yet have an edgy/chic look as you can tell from the detailing on the sleeves and shoulders. Especially with the contrasting colorful detailing. She went for an all white look with a super cute bra-let with cut-outs (available at O-Concept store), I think it’s perfect for the day, besides, you can easily make it a night look by wearing it alone (without the jacket). On the other hand, I went for the total opposite, all black. I feel like the loose fit of the jacket(s) sort of just add to the overall style of this look. Finally, to complete the look, she opted for orange sandals whereas, I chose to keep it simple with my basic go to black peep toe pumps.


In collaboration with O-Concept Store