Morah | Restaurant Review

From the owners of the critically acclaimed Weslodge Saloon, Morah

is poised to bring diners the vibrant and exciting flavors of the Eastern and Coastal Mediterranean. Morah, originally launched as the wildly successful Byblos in Toronto and Miami Beach (name changed due to local trademark), is located in the stunning two-storey space at the top of the JW Marriott Marquis.

Where: 71 & 72 Floor, Tower B, JW Marriott Marquis, Business Bay.

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Perfect for: An authentic Mediterranean meal high in the sky

Our Order

– Grilled Boneless Branzino   AED 150
– Crispy Squid   AED 65
– Grilled Sea Bream
– Fried Rice   AED 85
– Chargrilled Spatchcock   AED 125

– Hazelnut chocolate mousse   AED 50
– Nutella Ice Cream   AED 20

Service: Super friendly & our server really knew what dish we would prefer depending on our preference, she also told us that our order was a bit different from what people usually order and so was really looking forward to what we say about the food.

What we loved: We liked the whole Middle East and Mediterranean fusion. It’s definitely a hidden gem in JW Marriot Marquis. You actually cannot imagine this mix, but it sure well tastes incredible. We loved every starter we ordered, especially the Grilled Boneless Branzino. The outer layer of the Boneless Branzino is just so crispy and full of flavor that it balances out the dryness inside. It’s the right amount of flavor used, and once you start, you cannot stop eating it! Coming to the mains, our favorite was the Grilled Sea Bream & Chargrilled Spatchcock. We were first a bit dicey about the Sea Bream, as we don’t really like this kind of fish, and not every restaurant cooks it the way we like it. But oh my, as I cut through the fish, noticed its bones removed before it’s wrapped in vine leaves and served with a tomato sauce. Even without the sauce, it tasted so good, I could finish the whole fish by myself. Although looking at its size it’s a good sharing dish. Coming to our next main, the Fried Rice, that included crispy rock shrimp, green peas, and crispy chicken skin which tasted quite flavorsome. Also, if you don’t eat beef, be sure to tell your server to remove the Sujuk from this dish like we did. Finally, the desserts are to die for! Especially the ones we ordered. It’s just super rich in flavor that it just melts in your mouth. We would have ordered more of the same if we had room in our tummies!

What we didn’t like as much:  The downstairs didn’t have music playing like they did in the lounge area upstairs, which had more chill vibes.

What we recommend:

  • Grilled Boneless Branzino
  • Grilled Sea Bream
  • Chargrilled Spatchcock

Ambiance: A gorgeous large, bright lighting spot. Just above Weslodge, on the 71st and 72nd floor is Morah. The floor above consists of a very lounge atmosphere, where you can have a few drinks, chill by the bar or have your own table, with really soothing music and then post 9PM you hear good pop / commercial music playing. Whereas, downstairs, you have the restaurant (which is more mellow) where you can eat your meal and then continue having your drinks there or even head upstairs.



#TSDreviewsMorah: 4.5 / 5

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