New Day-Time Piece | Styling Missguided

whatever the occasion may be,

I'd wear this gold mini velvet dress! It is easily my new day-time piece. I'm currently, obsessing over velvet & satin pieces. I got this petite high neck mini dress during the holiday season from Missguided and I'm in love with it. I think it looks so sophisticated, and more than anything it's such a versatile dress, you can either style it in a dressy manner or casual chic (like I did). This dress isn't the easiest to put on but once it's on, you're good to go! The color is just so pretty. I added these booties, because they're super comfortable and easy. It gives your entire look the rock-chic kinda vibe, which I'm loving. On a normal day, I'd never really wear this dress with such shoes but on this specific day, I kinda wanted to try out something new and it turned out pretty well, I'd say. You can also wear a black bomber jacket with this dress depending on the weather and the place you're going to. I kept my accessories simple but, at the same time, they are still out there. 


 I've recently tried out a new lash brand called, Dee Lashes. You've probably seen a lot of selfies on our snapchat & insta stories wearing these lashes. We're all huge fans of dramatic lashes & big eyes, so if you're somewhat like us then you're gonna love DeeLashes! They're super dramatic and so full, in fact you need to cut it before using them or they can easily get super uncomfy. These lashes are pretty heavy on the eyes but so worth it, because of how pretty they are, they really bring your eyes out. 

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Photos by: SandInTheCity