Ele Beauty Salon | Salon Review

Ele beauty salon is a luxury ladies beauty salon in the heart of Downtown Dubai,

where professionalism, refinement, and sophistication are present in a wide range of high standard services and treatments. With its ideal location and exclusive high-end setting, the salon offers professional hair, nail, facial, make-up, massage and waxing services in a cozy and relaxing environment. The interiors of this salon are something we really liked. Space isn't too big but it's just enough. They have some great equipment for the nails, hair, and facials. We are so glad to have found a salon in the area (downtown), we actually had no idea it even existed until a few days ago. It's located on the Ground Floor of Burj Al Nujoom, Downtown Dubai.

Ele has some amazing facial treatments,

like the GlamGlow treatment, the Essential Deep Cleansing, Hydra-Moisture, etc. The glam glow treatment basically transforms your skin by cleansing it and really giving you that moisture. They have a really cool machine which does it all for you, of course with the help of the facial therapist, Marina. She was so good at her job, she knew exactly what Rithika's skin needed and she was super sweet. Rithika was super content with the after effect of the facial, she's definitely popping back into Ele again to try out another facial.

Coming to the nails,

We absolutely loved their mani/pedi stations, it's not very extravagant or anything, in fact, it's simple and comfy. Let's just start with how sweet and welcoming the girls were. One thing we really loved about ELE was that the staff really learns about each client before they come in, so they knew exactly who each of us was and what services we had booked. I tried out acrylic nails for the first time ever, the process really surprised me. I had Rica do my nails as she's the best for nails. She was so kind and great at her job! She did my nails exactly how I wanted it, I had actually shown her a picture of the nails I wanted and by the time we were done, it looked exactly like that. I was super happy with my nails! The pedicure was just as good in its own way, the girl who did my feet specialized in feet reflexology and let me tell you, she is absolutely amazing! For my pedicure, she used a kind of scrub, which made my feet super soft and the massage was honestly so relaxing, definitely the highlight of this experience at Ele. For Pooja, it was even better, she went for a manicure with some nail are + pedicure with the paraffin therapy, it was such a good experience for her. The paraffin therapy was extremely soothing, they basically wrap up your feet with a mask, for 30 mins and it starts getting warm as they use a warm oil-based wax with volcanic substances which truly relieves sore feet and leaves you completely relaxed. On the whole, we had the perfect pamper day at Ele Beauty Salon. 


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Timings: Open 12 PM - 10 PM everyday For bookings: +971 4551 5362 // +971 5638 45050