Current Staple : Trackies

Who doesn’t love tracks? I mean if some of us had the options to wear tracksuits everyday, I’m pretty sure we’d pick that option. It’s just SO comfortable and easy, there’s no fuss about it. Aside from the fact that they look so effortlessly good, what I love about velvet track pants or track suits these days are how fancy they can be and how you can really work around it and make different outfits… View Post

Does the Benefit BADgal mascara really work?

“Voluptous, Volumious, Beyond-black lashes” As you know… Benefit Cosmetics recently launched another new fire product, the all new “BAGgal Lash Volumizing Mascara.” It always had galactic theme to it, from the packaging to the launch party – the reason behind it being that your lashes can be visible all the way from space. And, YES the mascara does really work! The wand is thin so that makes it easy to really get into those tiny… View Post

Last Minute Gift Ideas | Valentine’s Day Edition 2018

With Valentine’s day right around the corner… 🌹 Gifting is a super important yet stressful process for some. So if you’re looking to gift your loved one this valentine and you’re out of ideas, this gift guide is definitely for you! Not going to lie, the below list may be a bit luxurious and there’s obviously a plenty of other more affordable valentine’s day gift ideas out there but these are just some options. Some more… View Post