Restaurant Review : Mo’s, City Walk

Restaurant: Mo’s Location: City Walk, Dubai Cuisine: American Beach/water view When asked to review their menu, Neha & I thought, why not try it out.  Being a weekday, it was fairy occupied. The ambiance was very pleasant. At the same time, it was the best place to be – post work out kind of a day. The staff were very welcoming and were always around. I really liked how the waiter helped me finalize what… View Post

How I get my make up done in 15 minutes

Rithika usually put’s on her make-up in less than 15mins!! Never paid attention to how she takes such a short time, yet looks so chic. The finished make-up looks like she had been putting it on for hours! I think its just university life, where you need to be in and out of make – up in minutes. Plans are always so sudden and you always need to look presentable. How she does it (in… View Post

Summer Hair!

It’s just getting hotter, day by day!! Either very windy with sandstorms or really humid. This does not stop us girls from enjoying our selves outside or dressing up to the nines.      Deciding on your hair for the night can be very tricky sometimes. Sometimes, more time-consuming than even dressing up. A small piece of advice. — once you’ve got a perfect hair do, no matter what you wear, it will look chic! … View Post