Fashion Forward Dubai, Season 4

TSD attended the first day of Fashion Forward Dubai, Season 4. Fashion Forward Dubai Season 4 included several fashion shows from the region’s top designers such as Tahir Sultan, Dima Ayad , Asudari etc. Inspirational talks, our favorite being ‘The benefits of collaboration in fashion’ by the Domus Academy & a group of social events. Fashion Forward Dubai also includes ‘The Garden’ which mainly displays Fashion Forward Dubai, Season 4’s latest accessories in different booths… View Post

Interview With Fashion Designer, Shweta Wahi

 Earlier last week, we got the opportunity to interview the talented designer, Shweta Wahi. Shweta is an Indo-Canadian, who is brought up between Dubai, Toronto and Johannesburg. She has showcased her collection in almost 26 + shows. Shweta is also one of our first interviewee. For someone to achieve so much at such a young age, she is highly admirable & inspirational for the young aspiring fashion designers out there. Shweta is so dedicated to her career, she is constantly travelling… View Post

What to wear to Fashion Shows

The ICON collection Iconic has recently launched a new line called ”The ICON”. Iconic apparel was always known for the more casual and ready-to-wear looks but this new line is wholly unique, these outfits are more of the party/dinner wear/dressy kind, and of course most suitable to wear for a FASHION SHOW. The men’s collection was equally stylish and sophisticated. TSD was invited to the ICON launch by ICONIC. With a lovely red carpet welcoming the guest, everyone seemed… View Post