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PAUL Bakery & Restaurant…

with countless number of branches across the world it has become one of Dubai’s most popular French bakery & restaurant. They are known for their fine and fresh quality in food. PAUL Bakery & Restaurant is passionate about bread and reflects the French tradition where possible; the value of quality and fresh produce is at the heart of its success.

Cuisine: French

Where: Paul Bakery & Restaurant, Dubai Mall

Perfect for: A casual yet romantic iftar spot

Paul iftar menu

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Service: A little confused on how and what to say about their service because one of the waiters did come off as clueless and impolite at first. Only after the manager started greeting me, the staff’s attitude towards me completely changed. They were polite and very helpful when it came to placing the order.

What we loved: Good healthy options, both the mains were good. We ordered the grilled chicken which was a super healthy option, it comes with a mix of quinoa, pearl barley and chick peas, sauteed French beans, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. Served with Meaux mustard sauce. You might feel like the broccoli and beans are a bit bland but it goes well with the chicken and sauce. The second main dish was the roasted sea bass which was like a curry and it was served with a bowl of saffron rice. This dish completely made up for the little salad disappointment I had at the beginning. The fish was fresh, tender, and just delicious. The sauce was made very well, it had more of a salty taste which went perfectly well with the saffron rice.

What we didn’t like as much: There were very few options on the “Iftar menu” to choose from, it didn’t even include basic juices or even water for that matter. For salads, they’re only two options which was kind of disappointing. Really wished they had more options (especially for beverages). One of the salads we ordered was the “Salade d’epinard et quinoa,” this salad was way too bland but thank god it included of beetroot at least that gave it a little taste. When it came to the desserts, I was a bit disappointed since Paul is known for their wide selection of quality French casual dining dishes and mouthwatering desserts. I was really expecting at least one of Paul’s popular desserts. We ordered the “Tartlette flan vanille et banane” and the “Gateau au dates et caramel” I wasn’t too happy with the tart one, it was nothing great.

What we recommend: 

  • Râgout de loup de mer
  • Poulette grillé et râgout de grains
  • Salade de roquette aux lentilles vertes

Ambiance: Quite packed, they have an outdoor area too which was super empty but very chill. You get to see the burj and the beautiful fountains whilst sipping on coffee.

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Cost Per Person: AED 99
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Sun-Sat)

TSDreviewsPaulBakery&Restaurant: 3.0/5

Contact: 04 3398036