Clean-ups at Precision Dental Clinic

"Don't forget to floss"

What They Say...

Precision Dental Clinic is a multi–disciplinary dental clinic providing dental solutions for the whole family. Our team provides various services such as general dentistry, orthodontics, periodontology, dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry all under one roof.

We are committed to providing our patients with high quality clinical care and a plesant patient experience to our patients.  This is based on our clinicians’ outstanding skillset and the unique trust based relationship we build with our patients.

Dr Punit, the founder of Precision Dental Clinic, has created a team of experts who are highly respected in their fields.  They all benefit from training from top dental universities, western accreditations/certifications and multiple years’ international experience.

Precision Dental Clinic is the place for you to be to look after your family’s and your own oral health. 

Our experience...

We 3 sisters booked in for our regular 6-month cleanup a few weeks ago at Precision Dental Clinic. From the moment you enter, you notice the place being super polished, germ-free, and fresh. We first went in for a check up and an x-ray just to make sure everything was alright and what must be done next. Dr. Shweta suggested we simply just needed a clean up! Two days later we went in for each of our clean ups, and right from the moment you enter the room you can just see how neat and hygienic everything is. The dentist is assisted by another girl who helps and makes you feel very comfortable at all times. They really take care of you during the process and after. For example, if the pain is a bit too much they spray some Anastasia on to the teeth/gums so that you don't feel a thing. The process can be a bit painful if you're not someone who goes for clean ups regularly. The feeling after is amazing though, your teeth are white as ever and stain free. We did notice minor stains and bleeding coming back after a few days/weeks. But overall, we were super happy with the results.

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