Project: TSD x Shweta Wahi




We recently collaborated with Indo – Canadian designer Shweta Wahi for her new collection that was showcased at the DCG Fashion Festival last weekend, our photos were also on each piece of hers at the pop up. Below are the pictures from our collaboration. This project was different from any of the ones we have ever done. We worked with Shweta herself as well as her new intern, Jasmine. We had a fun time modelling for the SW creations. TSD personally styled SW scarves and tried to give it a dressy yet chic look. Dubai is a place with a lot of Fashion events happening almost every month, and every girl needs something new to wear every event. SW’s new collection is the perfect choice for any event(s). We LOVED the crop tops and what we really like about her collection is that there’s something for everyone.

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Photography Credits: Shweta Wahi

Shweta Wahi : Facebook Page
Shweta Wahi Website: Click HERE