Restaurant Review: Dusty’s


Deli by day. Wine bar by night. And a whole lot more in between. “ Dusty’s ” the restaurant, has been developed to be an extension of the man, Dusty himself and portrays a mixture of different traditions and cultures into the design, ambiance and food. They have built a totally unique experience around the home cooked food concept.

Cuisine: European

Where: Dusty’s, Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC

Perfect for: Dessert & Drinks

Our order:

Hot Starters:
– Rock Shrimp Tempura   AED 70
– Grilled Prawns   AED 70
– Salmon & Tuna Tartare   AED 60

– Grilled Lamb Chops   AED 120
– Dusty’s Red Chicken   AED 120

Side Dishes:
– Truffle fries with Parmesan   AED 30
– Sauteed Spinach   AED 20

– Chocolate Fondant   AED 50
– French Toast   AED 50

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Service: Our server was very well versed with the menu. He knew exactly what we wanted. His suggestions of the drink and some dishes were so good, we absolutely loved them. Our server Abhey was extremely sweet, especially when it came to the dishes, even for the dessert he asked the chef to kinda combine both the desserts so we could taste both the desserts without getting too full.

What we loved: The Dustylicious drink was delicious! We strongly recommend this mocktail. It’s a good option for all non alcoholic drinkers, its very refreshing and it’s far better than any soft drinks for sure! Dusty’s has done a really good job on this drink, it’s a combination of apple, lime juice & blackberry syrup ! Both the hot starter prawns were so appetizing. The grilled prawns were soaked in lemon, butter, and garlic sauce so if your a garlic lover then you will most definitely love this dish. The Salmon & Tuna Tartare was nice, you can’t really taste the salmon/tuna much, but we prefer our salmon/tuna dishes this way, so it was perfect (for us.) Moreover, the grilled lamb chops were very well cooked and juicy just how we like it! Along with this we took the truffle fries with Parmesan as a side, the cheese that the fries were topped was mouthwatering. The spices and yogurt used to top the Dusty’s Red Chicken was something which made the dish look very interesting and appetizing! The chicken was well cooked, flavorsome and scrumptious. Finally, for desserts we went for the Chocolate Fondant, even though our server Abhey suggested we go for the French toast, which was actually very surprising as we have never seen or eaten French toast as a dessert!  I loved both the desserts! I would have gone for the candy station, but we wanted something more chocolate-y rather than something candylicious.

What we didn’t like as much: The Sauteed Spinach was a bit too bland, it was just boiled spinach. The lemon mint wasn’t as good as expected, it had an excess amount of lemon (sour) and too little sugar.

What we recommend:

  • Dustylicious
  • Grilled Prawns (lemon butter, garlic sauce)
  • Rock Shrimp Tempura
  • Dusty’s Red Chicken
  • Chocolate Fondant

Ambiance: Very empty for a weekday evening. People only entered post 8pm. Music kept the place lively, dim lighting, good bar scene.

More on Dusty’s: Dusty’s has a breakfast, Business Lunch & A’ La Carte menu. It’s a nice place to visit post work with a couple of friends. As you enter into the restaurant, further down the bar area, there are sofas and different seating options where you can chill.

#TSDreviewsDustys: 3.0/5

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