Restaurant Review: Entourage

Entourage Oyster & Cocktail Bar is an original mix of French and English food and beverages, combined together to introduce the classic art of fine craft cocktails and the very best of the Fresh and Fabulous selection of raw Oysters accompanied with the gourmet cheese bouquet.

Cuisine: Seafood

Perfect for: A different dinner scene with good Seafood in Souk Al Bahar.

Our order:

Vintage raw Bar:
– Oyster Fine de Claire   AED95
– Prawns on Ice   AED120

Carpaccia & Tartar:
– Tuna Tacos   AED95
– Salmon Tartar   AED95

Signature Dishes:
– Prawns Provencal   AED140
– Gratinated Mussels   AED95
– Papillote Sea Bass   AED130

– Quinoa Salad   AED65
– Mexcian Salad   AED75
– Sea-food Salad   AED95

– Chicken Tandoori Sandwich   AED65

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Service: On point. Our server was extremely helpful with selecting the dishes according to our preference.

What we loved: The quantity of food and the presentation entourage brings to the table! The Oyster Fine de Claire was pretty good, especially with the lemon wedges and aged vinegar that came with it. Best Oysters in the area! Prawns on Ice was also a great dish. Loved the quantity of prawns and its size. Furthermore, they have A LOT of vegetarian options too unlike many other seafood places, and their vegetarian options are so healthy and tasty, we wouldn’t mind eating only vegetarian for the night, it was that good! We also appreciated the fact that their ‘Fresh Homemade Salads’ were not just salads mixed and given to us, but a lot of effort put into it more than any dish, the vegetarian ones are well blended ingredients, clearly well thought out, with mouth watering sauces that flavor the food perfectly.  Moreover, since one of us eats less of Seafood and more of Chicken, we also went for the Chicken Tandoori Sandwich. So if you prefer chicken this is a really appetizing dish. Indian spices inside the tortilla bread is just such a perfect combination! We loved the Tuna Carpaccio too which was thinly sliced tuna loin, guacamole, tomato jam and rocket salad. We loved almost every dish! Only because everything was so well made with the best ingredients, they couldn’t get better!

What we didn’t like as much: The welcome bread, I dint see anything special in it. It was way too dry, and did not seem fresh. They could definitely improve on that. The lemon mint, the waiter almost seemed clueless for what I asked for. When it arrived, it tasted more like 7up. The Grilled halloumi, was a bit too bland, wouldn’t recommend this dish. Coming to the location, we kind of got a bit lost looking for. Its name sign is a bit too small and dull to notice.

Ambiance: A bit too quiet and empty. This could be because of where its located in Souk, and not many people know of it because the food is excellent and we didn’t see any other reason to it being empty! We think with time it should definitely pump up.

What we recommend:

  • Oyster Fine de Claire
  • Prawns on Ice
  • Tuna Carpaccio

More on Entourage: We didn’t get a chance to try out their desserts, we were extremely full. We got filled after only the appetizers, so you can imagine the quantity! Also, their management is excellent, and very caring. Although, we definitely want to go back to try out their Dessert (Freshly baked macadamia brownies served with vanilla ice cream) & Cheese menu definitely caught our eye. We were told that the brownies usually take about 20-30 minutes as they are freshly baked, and the Cheese Board (an assortment of cheese served with freshly baked bread on a vintage platter) takes about 30-40 mins too. Which can be a good thing sometimes, because the quantity of food at entourage is so much, that you do kinda need a break, so make sure to keep a good amount of time when you go for dinner here!

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#TSDreviewsEntourage : 3.5/5