Restaurant Review: Fraiche Café & Bistro


We have heard so much about Fraiche café & Bistro but never really got the time to visit it! Although, the last weekend we actually made up our minds to visit Fraiche café & Bistro the first thing in the morning. Fraiche is a Café and Bistro offering the best of both worlds in market cuisine: Quality and simplicity.

Cuisine: French

Perfect for: Good quality heavy breakfast

Our Order:

– Cappuccino

– Americano

– Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

– Turkey Benedict

– Banana Bread Chocolate French Toast

– Eggs Florentine

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Service: Friendly & lively but a little slow.

What we loved: The Turkey Benedict (poached eggs, turkey loaf on English muffin). Extremely fresh andvery well cooked turkey, and super filling for sure. Good quantity food. Their menu is simple and easy to make a morning breakfast decision. If you want to go for something on the more sweet side, then the Banana Bread Chocolate French Toast would be a great choice. It’s very chocolate-y and exceptionally filling. Perfect sized coffee mugs with quality coffee we’d say, as we are indeed coffee lovers/addicts.

What we didn’t like as much: A bit too noisy for early hours, especially if you’re not a morning person! We definitely prefer little or no noise in the mornings (totally personal choice). They didn’t have a broad variety of freshly made juice. Parking was a little pain, as it was a crowded Saturday morning, we had to park a little further away.

Ambiance:  Full house. Very lively. People kept coming in and out. Everyone seemed to be significantly enjoying the place. Well done interiors with long glass windows surrounding the restaurant, hence the bright lighted atmosphere all over. They have sofa’s on some corners which is pretty chill if you’re with a group of friends. Whereas the center was a more typical table-chair kind with not to mention good selfie lighting! Also a corner with high stools and a super large table where people just set up with their laptops and coffee (Certainly a plus point, as some people like to start work early even on weekends).

What we recommend:

  • Turkey Benedict!

More on Fraiche: Great quality. Filling food. This is for sure on our list of ”top 3 breakfast places in Dubai.” I would definitely go back here with an empty stomach and be sure not to get hungry for the next 5 – 6 hours at least. Less is more – when creating their dishes, they let their ingredients speak for themselves rather than hiding them through overly complicated preparations

Contact: Fraiche

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#TSDreviewsFraicheandBistro : 4.5/5