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INTERSECT BY LEXUS is a unique luxury space where people can experience what is truly quintessential of Lexus without getting behind a steering wheel. Neither a dealership, nor a traditional retail space, guests are able to engage with Lexus through food, design, art, fashion, music and technology at its inviting eatery, curated library and innovative garage.

Cuisine: International

Where: Intersect by Lexus, Gate Village 7, DIFC.

Perfect for: A formal dinner with a unique experience.

Our Order:

– Kale and Avocado Salad   AED40
– Prawns and Clams Moghrabieh   AED80
– French Quail   AED 85

– Beet and Barley Risotto   AED60 (Small Plate)
– Chilean Seabass   AED150
– French Picalou Chicken   AED 150

– Heirloom Tomatoes and Onion Salad   AED20
– Lemon Butter Potatoes   AED20

– Cheesecake   AED35
– Lizu Hazelnut Chocolate Cake   AED35

– Chamomile tea

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Service: Pretty good. Our server was well versed with the whole concept and the menu.

What we loved: The sharing concept, it allows every individual to taste a little bit of everything intersect has to offer. We loved how the sunken kitchen and elevated chef’s counter encourages an engaging food experience that allows an intimate interaction between the chef and the guests, reinforcing the philosophy of INTERSECT – an intersection of people, ideas, food and culture. Almost every dish is healthy yet delicious for example, one of our appetizers, the kale & avocado salad is the best kale dish we have ever tasted just the mixture of fresh kale and avocado, sunflower seeds, topped with dehydrated Linseed Wafer makes this dish absolutely delightful. We would definitely be back for this. From the mains, the best was the French Picalou Chicken (sous vide chicken breast, kale & hazelnut juz) which was again, extremely healthy and delicious. Finally, make sure to end your meal with their chamomile tea! It’s served in a very innovative way as you can see this in the picture above, totally snapchat worthy!

What we didn’t like as much: The server forgot to mention one of the most important things which was a disappointment,  it was a complete let down to a really good night. So be sure to ask any doubts you got from the beginning, don’t take it for granted that its a given. Coming to the food, the Chilean Seabass had a bit too much of a fish taste but it really depends on personal taste, we personally just don’t like it. Additionally, they didn’t have any vegetarian options in the mains other than the beet and barley risotto, which is a pretty good main, but we’d definitely prefer more vegetarian options.

What we recommend:

  • Kale and Avocado Salad
  • Prawns and Clams Moghrabieh
  • French Picalou Chicken

Ambiance: Pretty filled for a weekday evening. The interiors are just amazing, it’s definitely worth the visit for the whole experience. The most astonishing moment of the night was indeed the washroom, you have to go to the washroom and experience it yourself haha (won’t disclose it here). The seats of each table were made of the Lexus car seats and so that’s why they say you actually get the feeling of sitting in a Lexus car. Everything, from the tables to the walls had a lot of effort put into it.

More on Intersect: They are open Sunday through Friday, closed only on Saturdays. Masamichi Katayama, world-renowned interior designer and founder of the interior design firm Wonderwall, is the man behind the development of both the Tokyo and Dubai concepts. Also, on the first floor is the curated library which features English, Arabic and Japanese literature specializing in design, art, architecture, film, and travel that complement the overall theme of INTERSECT.
#TSDreviewsIntersectbyLexus: 4.0 / 5


Contact:  Intersect by Lexus

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